3 gorgeous outfits for Summer + video!

3 outfits for Summer

Summer is almost here and I’m already getting inspired by the latest trends! When temperatures are rising and days are getting longer I really want to enjoy wearing dresses and skirts all over again. Because Belgium is really unpredictable when it comes to the weather. One day it can be 27 degrees and the next day temperature can drop to about 14 degrees. I made a little video and photos for you guys to show you my ultimate favourite outfits for Summer. Ready? Let’s go!

Musthave: a jumpsuit

You can’t do anything wrong with a stylish jumpsuit, am I right? This one is from Belgian shop The Fashion Store, they have different stores in Belgium. They don’t have a webshop at the moment, but I only recently bought this one and it might still be available! I combined it with my pink bag from Italian brand Bergé and shoes from Tamaris for a classy but comfortable look.

A jumpsuit is the perfect item for Summer! It’s so comfortable and you find them in different colors and fabrics. I’ve picked my favourite ones for you, Shop my favourite jumpsuits over here.

The brands

Jumpsuit The Fashion Store 

Bag vide Bergé photo: Guess

Shoes: Tamaris 

Black jumpsuit outfit for summer
Black jumpsuit outfit for Summer

Colorful maxi dresses

A maxi dress is a musthave in any wardrobe. You can wear it every season, in Winter you can combine it with boots, in Summer with a pair of sandals. In the pictures I’m wearing a blue maxi dress which I bought in a local shop in Calella de Palafrugell in Spain. The shop is called ‘Calella Blue’ and well you can imagine they have a wide collection of all things blue. 🙂 I combined it with a handbag from Belgian brand Détail and mules from Tamaris. I only recently bought these shoes so I believe they’re still available. And seriously: mules are the best thing in the world! Soooo easy to wear, and stylish.

I wrote a post about these mules which you can find over here: littlelouvain.com/what-a-shoe-can-do/ Or do you want to know more about this bag? Read it over here: littlelouvain.com/musthave-i-detail-collection/

Shop my favourite maxi dresses over here:


Blue dress: Calella Blue in Calella de Palafrugell

Shoes: Tamaris

Bag: Détail 

Blue maxi dress outfit for summer
Blue maxi dress outfit for Summer 2

Maxi skirt and top

I must admit: I’m obessed with flower tops. It’s one of those timeless fashion items which will never go out of style. You can’t do anything wrong with a flower top! This one is from Belgian shop Les Folies, they recently opened a shop in my favourite town Leuven and I looove it! It’s the place to be for affordable musthaves. I combined it with a maxi skirt from Julia June, one of my favourite brands. The perfect outfit for Summer!

Shop my favourite items over here:


Top: Les Folies

Skirt: Julia June

Shoes: Tamaris

Bag: Detail

Flower top and maxi skirt outfit for Summer

Flower top musthave outfit for summer


A video says more than photos, right? I’ve made a short video in which I’m wearing the 3 outfits.
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