Nougat Feliz

Nougat Feliz

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]wo weeks ago I got a chance to do what I love, discovering a new brand! This time it wasn’t about clothes, jewelry or beauty products but still something every girl loves.. That’s right, sweets!

If you’re anything like me, you love a brand with a lovely story and especially when they’re using local ingredients to make their products. That’s exactly what Nougat Feliz does, another brand to add to the list of Belgian crafts. They’ve even received a UNIZO authenticity label ‘Handmade in Belgium’, of which they’re rightfully proud and tastes in every product they make. The lovely people behind the brand started the company only recently, in 2015, and it came out of their undeniable passion for the culinary arts: discovering new flavors, the feel of different textures and generally an enjoyable experience when dealing with food.

All their products are handcrafted and made by following old-fashioned recipes, but they’re not afraid to add an original touch. For example they start by boiling the syrup in their own coper kettle’s, they roast all the nuts themselves and they’re constantly experimenting on combining special flavors. They’ve even managed to make a Gin & Tonic nougat, how amazing is that?!

Another way they stand out is by using exclusively natural ingredients to get to that exclusive taste. They’re aim is to embody different layers of flavor in one product, but in such a way that each flavor is individually recognizable. A lot of the time when I’m guilty of eating sweets I’d just find all of the flavors coming through at once, but not with Nougat Feliz. Only when you bite on a certain piece of fruit or grain does it release a specific flavor. Another example of their love for the product shows is their refusal to use any artificial sweeteners in the recipes and ensures a lovely natural, and a little bit magical, flavor.

Nougat Feliz

Have you already heard of this Belgian brand? I’m a huge fan, it tastes amazing!

Products: Buche Coco – Nougat



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  1. January 3, 2018 / 10:18 am

    I hadn’t heard of this brand yet, but oh my this sounds good! I love the pictures, it makes me immediately very hungry! Malou x

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