A new chapter in my life

(photo taken @Profiel in Leuven)

Yesterday, the second of June, was my last day of my internship @Primetime Communication.  I’ve met so many great people and learned a lot. I will be graduating this month (if everything goes allright) and then a new chapter in my life will begin. A lot of you have been asking me the question what I would like to do as a job. That’s why I’m writing a blogpost about it to keep you all updated. 

I started this blog in January 2016 because I love writing and photography. This allowed me to combine my two biggest interests. I grew up in Leuven, I want to support shops from leuven and that’s why my blog is named after this amazing city.  Now that my internship has come to an end, it’s time for me to figure out what I want to do for a living.

Social media created new opportunities for companies. But a lot of those companies have no time to manage their social media channels. I would love to manage their social media and give advice about it, since I’m a true #socialmediaaddict.  Will keep you updated of my ‘freelance social media manager story’. 🙂

What happened in May?

If you follow me on Instagram (@littlelouvain) or Facebook  you’ve probably already seen the article in Goesting Magazine. I got the opportunity to show a journalist around in Leuven. I told him everything about my favourite shops and *tada*, this is the result. So proud!  I will tell you everything about these shops in a next post.

And for now: follow your dreams!



Elien is a Belgian freelancer, social media manager and content creator. She loves photography, healthy food, reading magazines and – of course – blogging and travelling ♥︎

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