Spring must haves
My name is Elien, I’m a social media manager and content creator for companies. I create content on demand, such as photos, texts and videos. I’ve always had a passion for fashion – my grandmother says I’m the second Imelda Marcos, this lady owns more than a thousand pair of shoes.  Well I may not have a thousand pair of shoes but it comes pretty close ;-).I’m absolutely in love with Leuven, a small but lovely city in Belgium. When I was a little younger, my grandparents took me with them to Leuven. These were the moments I loved the most. This is the reason why the blog is named after Leuven. On littlelouvain.com you’ll find great hotspots in Leuven city, but there are blog posts about fashion/ beauty and lifestyle as well.I hope you enjoy reading!Signature blogger