Belgische blogger

If you don’t want to read the whole story, here are a few key facts:

  • I’m a freelancer working for all kinds of clients (lifestyle, beauty and fashion related)
  • Online content is my cup of tea: photography, PR, copywriting for websites, blogposts…
  • I’m the final editor @ Talkies Magazine
  • Want to work with me? Contact me via mail –> littlelouvain@gmail.com

I will not bore your with a long story about myself. But if you do want to know more about me, keep on reading. My name is Elien, I’m a freelance social media manager and content creator for companies.  I create content on demand, such as photos, texts and videos. Want to see some of the projects? Take a look over here.  

My story began in January 2016, when I decided to start my own blog. I’ve always had a passion for fashion – my grandmother always said that I’m the second Imelda Marcos (you know her right: this lady owns more than a thousand pair of shoes).  Well I may not have a thousand pair of shoes but it comes pretty close ;-).

I’m a Belgian content creator and absolutely in love with Leuven, a small but very lovely city. I have always been that type of girl, as many others, that loves shopping. When I was a little younger, my grandparents took me with them to Leuven. These were the moments I loved the most, so of course there are a lot of good memories over there. This is exactly the reason why the blog is named after Leuven.

In need for a little chat?   littlelouvain@gmail.com

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