Beauty & de bijtjes: is bijengif écht de moeite waard?


Bee venom


There are some weird ingredients in the world of skin care, but the idea of applying bee venom to my face never really came to my mind. Bees don’t have a particulary fond reputation – I remember when I was stung by a bee- but these little creatures do a lot of good for nature. And the great benefits of honey in beauty products have been known for centuries. Maybe bee venom isn’t that weird after all….  But is bee venom skin care really worth the hype?

Since bee venom first made it onto the beauty scene, there has been quite a buzz around it. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez are swearing by this skin care ingredient. I decided to review some products that contain bee venom.

thee bee venom of skin care

Promising benefits

Bee venom is an ingredient which stimulates blood circulation within the skin, to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to the rush of blood, the production of elastin and collagen is being stimulated. This can result in a plumper and younger-looking skin. Sounds promising, right?


Cougar Beauty Products

Thanks to my boyfriend’s lovely mother I was able to test products from this UK based brand Cougar. I hadn’t heard of this brand. The Cougar beauty range has been formulated for those who love high quality products. They have an entire product line of products that contain bee venom. Allthough I did find a lot of reviews, most of them were sponsored. Note: I do write sponsored reviews on my website, but I always share my honest opinion about it. But this post isn’t sponsored and I felt that I needed to write down my thoughts about it since there is no blog post that isn’t sponsored and every article said the same exact thing: ‘it makes my skin soft’.

The cougar bee venom line includes a day and night cream, a facial serum, cleansing cream and a facial mask. I will give my opinion about this product line.

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Pampering time

Cleansing cream  price £9,99 –  Facial mask price £14,99- Serum price £22,99  – Day and night cream price £16,99 & £19,99 

I’m a freelancer and I don’t really have enough time in a day to finish my work. You can imagine that  I don’t have a lot of time to test new products. But when I do test products, I like to have a little pampering moment. Filling the bath with hot water and making myself a priority just for this single moment. I decided to start with the cleansing cream.

Let’s start with the price which is actually really attractive. Most of the products that contain bee venom are rather expensive. Ranging from 1 (the cheapest ones) to 300 dollar. There are a lot of very expensive products and I’m wondering if this it worth the price… But the Cougar cleansing cream is only £9,99 so I definitely wanted to give this one a try.

The cleansing cream is very pleasant, I love the texture and it absorbs so quickly. The products do smell great – perfect for a wondeful ‘me-moment’. I do have to admit, myy skin does feel cleansed and extremely soft afterwards. Then I applied the facial mask, followed by the serum and afterwards the night cream.

My opinion?

I have been testing the products for about a week right now and I do know that this is a very short amount of time. My skin feels really hydrated and soft after using these products. However, I can’t really say if bee venom works or not. It’s maybe something I’ll find out after a longer amount of time and I will of course tell you all about my experiences.

There is one tiny disadvantage: my skin feels a little bit weird afterwards. I don’t really know how to describe the feeling but it feels like my skin is on fire. The packaging says that If you’re experiencing such feeling, you should stop using the products for a certain moment. Bee venom and skin that is on fire? Couldn’t be worse you would think… However, I do give this product line a 8,5 out of ten points, because of the price, the scent and how quickly it absorbs and moisturizes! I will keep you informed about my further experiences with these products.

However, I do think that bee venom is not really worth the hype, but I’ll give you more information about the further ‘improvement’ of my skin. 😉



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  1. november 25, 2017 / 8:10 am

    Hoe leuk is die naam en die verpakking?! En de prijs valt ook goed mee. Had er nog niet van gehoord 🙂 xxx

    • Elien
      november 28, 2017 / 7:59 am

      Leuke verpakking he! Ja de prijs is echt dik oke! Vind het zelf een super leuk merk, alleen ja: bee venom? Weet echt niet waarom het zo’n hype is!
      Maar misschien dat ik de producten nog niet lang genoeg gebruik… XXX

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