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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s you might already know this but tomorrow, the 16th of January is my birthday! And what’s better than some online shopping to celebrate it? The month January means sales, however I do like to save money during the entire year with Cashback World. If you haven’t heard of it before, I’ll quickly explain what this company is all about. Curious? Continue reading!

Cashback World is an international network of multiple partners. The idea behind it is very simple:  register online and for every purchase you make with one of the partners, you’ll receive cashback and Shopping Points. Cashback is the amount of money you save, and whenever you reach 10 euros cashback, they’ll  deposit this amount back to your bank account. Convinced? Register over here  (it’s completely free)

Deals, deals, deals!

Cashback World collects the most amazing deals! In this way you’ll save extra money (besides the cashback and Shopping Points you get). I’ve made a list of my favourite shops and Shopping Point Deals!


Blend Tea: for all the tea lovers!

You guys know that I’m a huge tea lover. Blend Tea Belgium is my favourite shop when it comes to tea. They have a wide range of natural and healthy teablends. My favourite? Indian Chai of course! And I already ordered my favourite peach ice tea . I decided to order the wellness- package as well (this contains the 4 different wellness teas). And there is a discount of 8 euros if you shop right now.  Make sure to register before you shop online, otherwise you’ll not receive cashback and Shopping Points.

Other partners:

Cashback has so many partners that I can’t mention them all. But I do have a list of partners where I like to shop on a regular basis. Everyone knows, with this partner you get 1% cashback and 1 Shopping Point (for every purchase of €100) Ici Paris XL, Etam, Blokker, Coolblue, Hunkemöller and JBC are also part of the Cashback World family. Want to discover all the different partners? Register online and visit the website.


Elien is a Belgian freelancer, social media manager and content creator. She loves photography, healthy food, reading magazines and – of course – blogging and travelling ♥︎

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