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This post is for all the busy ladies/ gentlemen out there.  A busy life, attending events and travelling from one place to another. It can be exhausting. Especially when you take a lot of stuff with you (just like me).  Travelling has never been so easy with the Convertible Bryker from Caselogic. I was really happy when they told me I could choose one of the backpacks from their collection. You probably know Case Logic, this is a high-quality brand which offers all kinds of backpacks. The Convertible Bryker is really my kind of thing and today I’m telling you all about it in this post. 

The Convertible Bryker

2 in 1

This backpack is really practical, you can easily convert this one into a tote bag. Just tuck away the shoulder straps and you’re ready to go. This bag has everything to make travelling easy. I take my laptop everywhere with me and the thickly padded laptop compartment protects it. The bag has a lot of pockets, I like to stay organized and to put away all my stufe, otherwise it becomes one huge mess. This bag even has a hidden pocket for important stuff as your ID and money.

2 in 1. I like the idea. I’ve always been that kind of girl who loves handbags. But none of my bags protect my laptop. For longer trips I convert this bag to a backpack, easy!

Convertible Bryker

How to convert


Website Case Logic,





Convertible Bryker

If you like this backpack/ bag, do visit their website.

And I know one thing for sure: travelling will be a lot more fun with this bag!

Let me know what you think in a comment,


Case Logic



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