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[dropcap] Decorating [/dropcap]  your home can be pretty hard if you have a certain picture in your head of how you want it to be. If you’re walking into your home and you’re not feeling like it’s your place, it’s about time to add a personal touch. Posters can be artistic or can add meaningful additions to a room. Need some poster design inspiration? I recently discovered Vissevasse, a Copenhagen- based design and paper studio with a passion for graphic products. Today I’m telling you all about their collection and the story behind this brand.


The story behind ViSSEVASSE

At ViSSEVASSE they design visual stories. The brand was founded by Dorthe Mathiesen and Karsten Noel Poulsen, they have worked at the intersection of fashion, stage design and graphic design for the past 20 years. They have a soft spot for buildings, objects and places and they do find inspiration in everything from a song to a feeling. ViSSEVASSE is based in Copenhagen and the style is Nordic inspired and minimalistic with a touch of pastels, poetry and nostalgia.  ViSSEVASSE is Danish for ‘fiddlesticks’ – the dictionary defines it as nonsense or poppycock, the company leans more towards the use of this word to say “don’t you worry, it will all be fine”.


The collection

Autumn is just around the corner, goodby Summer and hello cozy autumnal touches around the house. ViSSEVASSE first started designing posters in 2013 and their passion for graphic has grown ever since, as has their product line. They also have greeting cards, notepads, books, calendars etc. They like to team up with partners such as Australian art photographer Vee Speers, who creates amazing images. Very simple and yet so chic. They have also collaborated with Swedish photographer Dan Isaac Wallin, who captures nature’s raw beauty on old polaroid film stock.


I choose 2 different posters: This bay poster and Botanica Penniesetum by Vee Speers. It symbolises a moment of quiet solitude in a world that is becoming increasingly complex. Vee speers has photographed the flower as it was a person – like a portrait.  Each flower draws the viewer into a botanical world, a world that tells the story of a blooming life. I love the combination of the two posters and I enjoy this visual tranquility.


Other items

It all began with posters, but ViSSEVASSE expanded the range of products. They do sell other products such as notepads, greeting cards etc. I received this tote bag and amazing notepad. Tote bags are brilliant if you want the perfect bag for shopping and other activities. It’s made of 100% unbleached cotton.  I’ve been using this notepad to write down my upcoming goals.








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