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Saturday is really my favourite day of the week. I spend hours on the internet looking for new brands. And sometimes I do find the most amazing brands… Disenyo is one of my latest discoveries. I had a very nice conversation with the owner of the company and he told me everything about his story. And you know that I really like when brands have a story. Today I’m telling you all about Disenyo! 

Passion for people and products

Geert Reuvers, the owner of Disenyo, told me about his passion and how he founded the company. Disenyo was born out of love for the high-quality, handmade bags and jewelry from South East Asia. In 2010 he traveled through the different countries and during this trip he met his wife, who also has a passion for local handmade jewelry. They began their search for the right partners to develop their brand. They built great relationships with different family businesses and this cooperation is of course a source of income for all these different families. That’s one of the reasons why I love this brand.

Every Disenyo item is hand made, all materials are locally developed and are renewable. All the products are made of natural materials so minor color and structure deviations can occur. That’s how you know that the product is made of natural materials!

The items

I’m showing you 4 different Disenyo items: a bracelet made from tabs of drink cans, one made of mother-of-pearl, a antique gold necklace and a mother-of-pearl clutch. Do you want to buy a special Christmas gift this year for your loved ones? Desenyo might be what you’re looking for…

This rectangular bracelet is made out of mother-of- pearl and many people believe that this material has positive qualities both for body and spirit. Positive qualities or not, it doesn’t matter because this bracelet is so beautiful! The pearlescent effect is caused by irregular breakage and reflection of the light on the crystals.


Bracelet made of tabs from cans €16,95 –  bracelet made of mother-of-pearl €34,95

Mother-of-pearl clutch

This clutch is completely made of mother-of-pearl and has a magnetic closure. Perfect for Christmas parties! I’m going to shine all night 😉

Disenyo  Clutch – €59,95

Want to see some pictures where I’m wearing the items? Follow me on instagram to stay up to date!

Thanks to Disenyo for the beautiful items!





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  1. Jill
    december 10, 2017 / 10:40 am

    Wauw, die clutch is echt mooi! xxx

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