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A good day starts with healthy breakfast. In the past I would have skipped breakfast because I had no time, but that’s the stupidest thing you can do. Having no time is always an excuse. A couple of weeks ago I discovered XAVIES’ granola during pressdays. I love granola but I don’t like the taste of all these different kinds of granola you can buy in supermarkets. I must say, I was really impressed by the taste of XAVIES’ granola and today I’m telling you all about it! 

I like to know the story behind every product I buy. Xavie is the lady behind this concept. When she was 25 years old, she had no energy and felt tired. She knew something had to change and realised that alle these bad sugars were probably the cause of her tiredness. She decided to make her own granola and wants to share her passion for a healthy lifestyle with everyone!


I love the taste of the granola, I even forgot to take a picture. (Yep, it’s almost empty, so it must have been good). Even my dad loved it! You can find the entire range of different kinds of granola on the website: I received three different kinds of granola: coconut-cinnamon,  Nuts-chocolate, Toasted nuts & seeds.  Mmmm the one with chocolate was my favourite : so crunchy and who doesn’t like chocolate?

Xavies Granola


Need some inspiration? Xavie has an entire page full of recipes! I made this bowl with yogurt, seeds and raspberries. Take a look if you want to get inspired!


Xavies Granola



Website: ,

Instagram: xaviesgranovie

Facebook:  xaviesgranovie




Have you ever tried XAVIES’ granola?

Let me know below!



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  1. June 15, 2017 / 2:28 pm

    Oh ja, die is echt lekker! Normaal gezien ben ik niet zo gek op zo’n dingen, maar deze vind ik echt goed! xxx

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