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Baramuze M-museum Leuven


Do you love these warm and sunny days as much as I do? It’s the first time I’m not going on holiday this Summer but why should I: the weather is amazing in Belgium! However I do want to enjoy this Summer as much as possible because soon it’ll be over. And what’s better than a roof top bar in the middle of the city with amazing views, good food and great music?  Well have I got some news for you! Did you know there is a roof top bar in the centre of Leuven? You all know the famous M- museum in my favorite city, right? Baramuze is located on top of the building and is opened  from 19/07 till 19/08 every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every day they feature some amazing artists for us to admire, but I’ll explain a little more about that later!

You will need a ticket to get in though, but they’re not that expensive so don’t you worry! Tickets can be bought at M-onthaal or online for €12, and gives you access to the museum and bar (PHIEUW!) from 18:00 until closing time (Thursday and Sunday 22:00, Friday and Saturday 24:00).


What to expect

So what exactly is there to do at Baramuze? Well on their website they’ve listed all of the artists that will attend each day. I’ll list some of those I think will be amazing to watch, but you can check out the full list on their website at

Ed Carlsen

21.07.18 | 20:00 >< 21:00

Ed Carlsen is an Italian composer and has been making music for the past 20 (!) years. Evolving from classical music to rock and reggae. His passion is to create his own sound, and that’s exactly what he did! His music can be adored by a wide public, so this is a must see!





Warme Boekenavond met Mauro Pawlowski

26.07.18 | 20:00 >< 21:00

Anyone with a love for books simply has to attend Mauro Pawlowski’s ‘Warme Boekenavond’. Besides being a musician Mauro is also passionate about books. On the evening of the 26th of July you can witness his love for books in person. So if you love to read, we’ll see you there!


Pavlove + Ellen Steegen

27.07.18 | 20:00 >< 21:00

Pavlove can be described as a combination of an indie-rock group and a psychedelic pop-band. If you love the sounds of Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Allah-Las, Temples or Mac DeMarco then you’ll love Pavlove. So for those of us that love to kick back with a drink and be swept away by psychedelic tunes, you just have to attend Pavlove + Ellen Steegen on the evening of the 27th of July!


Gwen Cresens Solo

28.07.18 | 20:00 >< 21:00

Maybe I’ve never told you, but I have a soft spot in my heart for classical music or opera. So attending Gwen Cressens’ solo is a must for me! At the tender age of four, Gwen discovered her love for the accordion and this love has built her career. She has even made a soundtrack for movies, how amazing is that! So if you love classical music, jazz, balkan or brazilian styles then you simply have to witness Gwen Cressens’ Solo on the 28th of July!


Esinam + Esohe Weyden

10.08.18 | 20:00 >< 21:00

Another type of music I just adore is the typical African sounds. Esinam Dogbatse’s roots are in Ghana and this shows in her music, all though every culture has been an inspiration for her. The best way to describe her is as an multi-instrumental solo artist or ‘one woman-band’. Esinam composes modern music with traditional instruments such as the flute, piano and of course her own voice. So if you’re in the mood to discover some music from cultures all around the world, attending Esinam is a no-brainer!


Diamanda La Berge Dramm

18.08.18 | 20:00 >< 21:00

As I mentioned, I have a weakness for classical music and i especially adore the violin! So I will most likely be attending Diamanda La Berge Dramm. A young, Dutch lady with an amazing stage-presence! She has won the John Cage Award for her contribution to new music, and recently won the Dutch Classical Talent Award 2018. What more do you need to witness her live?! So if you’re curious to find out how she plays back and forth between classical and modern music with the violin, you’d be a very silly person not to watch her play on the 18th of August!

Baramuze M museum Leuven

These are some of the one’s I really want to see, but there are many more artists from different kinds of genres! So be sure to check out the full list on, if for some reason you aren’t impressed by my selection (but I secretly think you might just be!). So which artists would you like to see? Let me know and maybe our paths will cross at Baramuze! See you there!


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