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When I was a child, I always had the feeling I didn’t fit in. Women’s self-esteem is being affected by idealized female images in magazines, on television etc. As a teenager this had a huge impact on me. I wanted to have that perfect skin, be skinny and have that pretty smile. Right now I realize being different isn’t bad at all and everyone deserves a place in society. It’s ok to be different, be yourself and unique! Want to dress up like a unicorn? Just do it! Do you still sleep with a teddy bear? Who cares, just be yourself! Melano wants to empower women to be unique.

Embrace your weirdness. A few of my oddities:

  • I never go to bed without my favourite blanket and I can’t sleep without my own pillow.
  • I lOVE tomatoes and I eat it with almost everything. Yummy!
  • Perfectionist is my middle name. I’m a dreamer and when I have a certain idea, I want to do it my way. It’s one of the reasons why I became freelancer, having the freedom to be creative and to make my clients happy. Hallelujah! No one telling me who I have to be or what I have to do.
  • I never leave the house without perfect nails and jewelry. One of my favourite brands is Melano, they want to empower women to be unique.
  • I’m obsessed with all things rose golden.


Melano is all about being yourself. They want to inspire women worldwide to express their individuality and personality through their jewelry. This brand lets you change your jewelry to match your style and mood. The fun part? You can switch stones and combine different rings. Mix, match and create your favourite look! The interchangeable collection offers countless options for eac occasion. No one tells you what you have to like! I chose this purple stone and 3 different rose golden rings. My rose golden obsession isn’t over yet. 😉

And remember: there is nothing wrong with being different!  Mix and match with Melano. 

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Melano that's me




Want to read more? I also wrote a blog post about Twice as Nice jewelry and my bracelet from Pandora.



Hi, ik ben Elien. Op de blog vind je mijn passie voor mode, beauty, lifestyle en verre reizen. Mijn laptop en smartphone wijken nooit van mijn zijde en ik ben stiekem ook wat koffieverslaafd. Een lekkere cappuccino naast me tijdens het werken, daar kan ik zo van genieten!

Mijn motto: Ga je dromen achterna, ze weten de weg. ♥︎

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    • Elien
      March 26, 2018 / 6:17 pm

      Helemaal mee eens!
      En de ringen zijn echt zo leuk.
      Echt een pluspunt dat de steentjes vervangen kunnen worden! x

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