Brabantia is celebrating her 100th birthday with the relaunch of the iconic Patrice design

Brabantia Patrice Design 100 jaar

You may or may not know, but I’m a fan of floral patterns. My closets are full of flower dresses and my interior is showing the pattern as well. Is it an addiction? Hmmm maybe, but flowers are always lovely so this addiction isn’t that bad! 🙂

This year, Brabantia will relaunch the iconic Patrice design, something that brought them to fame before. So to celebrate their 100th birthday, they’ll take you back to where it all started!

Fan of new vintage

I don’t need to hide the fact that I’m a new vintage fan. The Patrice design is so jolly and fits the modern interior perfectly. It’s such a nice thing, having prints resurface and this seventies-icon will take you right back in time.

Brabantia is also known for their excellent quality, you can find anything you’d need for your kitchen, house and interior. Their webshop always has great items to decorate your house with.

Brabantia Patrice design 100 jaar

The Patrice collection: birthday flowers

In 1969 Patricia van Uden helped design the iconic Patrice, the pattern became a symbol of the 70’s. Did you know the original design was hand cut? This gives every item a unique touch. And that’s how Patrice became the most famous print of all times.

The collection consists of these items:

  • Pedal bin newIcon 30 liter
  • Bo Touch Bin 11+23 liter.
  • A bread carrier
  • A 1,4 liter jar

I got to test the Bo Touch Bin, bread carrier and jar. Retro meets modern, mix and match is the message, I love seeing modern interiors with a retro twist, so this collection fits in perfectly!

Brabantia Patrice Design 100 jaar 2

The benefits

As I said, Brabantia is known for quality and it shows in this collection as well. The Bo Touch Bin has two or three separate and removable compartments allowing you to sort your trash. The lid is so handy, one click opens it so you don’t have to hold it. Saves a little time! The bread carrier and jar are so detailed and finished perfectly.

Want to read more? Discover the full collection here:

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* I received this collection to test. I do work with some brands I’m fully behind, only a small part of my blog posts are collabs. So I can offer my readers extra value.


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  1. Petra
    April 27, 2019 / 8:53 am

    Prachtig , de nieuwe collectie van brabantia . Ook super kwaliteit . Ben fan 👍

    • Elien
      April 27, 2019 / 8:55 am

      Me too! De kwaliteit is super én de designs zijn altijd prachtig. 🙂

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