There’s more than just Instagram: what other channels could you use for your online marketing?

There’s more than just Instagram_ what other channels could you use for your online marketing_

Instagram workshops are gaining popularity. Somewhere I understand why, Instagram is the biggest channel at the moment, but it does seem like all of the businesses out there are only focussing on this channel. If you’d ask me, I think it’s a bad move, because there’s so much more than just Instagram and you won’t hear a thing about it in those workshops at the moment.

My aim is to offer a complete package so other entrepreneurs can learn about the entirety of online marketing. Of course that will take some more time to learn, but at least you’ll know about the near endless possibilities of online marketing!

Who is your target group and where do you find them_

What is your audience active on?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself: what channels is my target group active on? And who should I be aiming to reach?

It might look like a difficult question to answer, so I’d advise to gather some coworkers and hold a brainstorming session, you’ll get there together. Doing some research among your demographic could be essential, set up a questionnaire focused on their online visibility, you’ll be surprised by the relevant information you’ll acquire.

More than Instagram

During your brainstorming session you can list all possible channels. Maybe there’s things you’ve never thought of before from a marketing point of view. Develop your Touch points, these are the things you should consider using to try and contact with your audience. For example; 

  • E-mail marketing 
  • Public relations
  • Social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (…) 
  • Adverts (Google Adwords or Social Advertising) 
  • A loyalty program for loyal customers 
  • The website
  • Forums/ online magazines 
  • Apps
  • Search engines(SEO)
  • Blogs 

Cross media marketing 

When you’ve determined where your audience is most active on, it’s time to start actively using these channels. You don’t have to use every social media channel out there, because this means more maintenance and could lead to you neglecting certain platforms. The important thing is to actively maintain the channels you’re looking to grow on.

Look at big brands such as Coca Cola; H&M… They have one thing in common, their social media platforms are all in tune with each other and reinforce each other. Making sure all of your channels are linked gives those potential future clients an easy way to navigate between all of your channels.

Content is important as well

It’s getting harder and harder to get noticed in the flow of profiles out there. Consumers are drowning in commercial messages and advertisement feels anything but natural. How can a company get noticed in this flood of messages? By being authentic, offering messages of value and interacting with your audience. Pumping your channels full of sales strategies won’t get  you anywhere, but acting authentic and building personal relations does.

You can still be active on all of your channels, but if the content isn’t good, it won’t get you any sales. I advise my clients to invest in photography and great texts. I also do business shoots, to capture the identity of the company and emphasize it on their channels. Photos of the products and the team work best, so the viewers get an instant idea of what they do and who they are.

Social media has to be social. Whenever I plan content in the marketing calendar I consider the balance between personal and commercial. An important point in 2019, as consumers are tired of being force fed advertisement. 

In need of advice for your marketing strategies?

I want to get to know the entire story of entrepreneurs, that’s why I’m organising a workshop on location or right here in Kampenhout. We can discuss what you’d like to focus on beforehand, because there’s more than just Instagram 🙂


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