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free social media templates

I’ve always loved creating designs. When I was about 12 years old I created my own website (well I’m not really an expert but I just loved creating and playing around with things). Graphic designs are very important for businesses, it can make them a lot of money. Really, it’s important. But making great templates for social media takes so much time and as an entrepreneur you don’t alway have enough time in a day to complete everything. That’s why I’m sharing some social media templates and desktop organizers for companies. Feel free to use them. These templates are designed in Canva, this is my favourite editing program. And you don’t have to be an expert to use Canva. 🙂

Templates for Instagram Stories designed in Canva

Instagram Stories is the next big thing! Seriously, If you aren’t using this for your company, you should! Why? Read everything about it in this post I wrote last month: I created different templates for Instagram Stories, which you can all find on my Pinterest Board.

How to use the different templates:

[one_half]Instagram stories template[/one_half][one_half_last]Instagram Story template[/one_half_last]

Desktop organizer templates

I just love the feeling of a clean desktop. I want to stay organized and it all starts with your desktop. I created different templates, which you can all find over here:

Just click on the link and download the picture. Install it on your desktop, et voilà: your organized desktop is ready! 🙂

Desktop organizer templates

Want more freebies or do you want to read more about social media? No worries, I’m sharing all my tips over here: Big thanks to Canva:

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