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Filofax clipbook organizer

We may live in a digital world, but it doesn’t show on my desk. It’s full of papers and while I like to think of myself as organised, that doesn’t always show as well… Cleaning up usually doesn’t happen because I’m just to busy. Do you know that feeling?

Recently I discovered Clipbook by Filofax and my eyes lit up with interest. Clipbook allows you to organise everything: it has room for your schedule, extra papers and a monthly calendar. I was convinced I needed it and when I read the pen was erasable and didn’t have dates I was absolutely convinced I needed it! 🙂

So the lovely people at Filofax sent me some items I could test, including the Original A5 Organiser Lemon from the Classic Pastels Collection.

Clipbook: mix & match

My love for stationary items can’t be hidden anymore. I’m the type of girl that buys new notebooks because you can’t have enough. But they’re piling up over here, oops. 😉

The package contains the following items:

Filofax clipbook organizer (2)

The big advantage of Clipbook is that it’s fully personalisable. The schedule has rings so it’s easy to remove papers and add others. With the hole puncher you can make any document fit your schedule.

The organiser has a lot to offer; a to do list, lines and graph paper, colored papers and of course the calendar without dates. That’s the handy thing about this system, the erasable pen means you can keep using the calendar. The organiser also has a storage compartment where you can put the pen and other things like your keys. It also has a small notebook for those quick notes.

The notebook has rings as well so it’s easy to organise. When I’m taking notes at my client visits I usually forget where I put them. This way I can work much more efficiently.

Filofax clipbook organizer (1)

Excellent quality

I’ve never owned a Filofax product and the first thing I noticed was the high quality. The organiser is made up out of thick leather, a great first impression. 🙂

Do you use an organiser or do you prefer your digital agenda?

* These items were sent to me, but I only work with brands I fully back.


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