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Last weekend I enjoyed some well deserved me-time. Self care is really important! I gathered my favourite products and decided to enjoy a warm bath. Well it was about 28 degrees last weekend but still, I loved taking a warm bath. 🙂  Last week I received two packages, from Nougthy and Serie Expert which both contained different hair care products. You guys know I sometimes receive products to try and write about. I definitely wanted to share my thoughts and opinion on these ones. Read on if you would like to know what I think of them!

* I received the products for free, but I always share my honest opinion. 

Noughty to the rescue

Last week I received a beautiful purple box saying ‘do not open this box’. Well there was some hesitation but I couldn’t live with this mystery so I decided to open the box. I’ve been naughty, I know. 🙂 It was a huge surprise when I opened the box, it contained different products from this brand called Noughty. I had never heard of this brand before but the packaging looked very promising!

Noughty hair care
Noughty hair care


All the products in the Noughty range are 97% natural and are formulated to be extremely gentle, leaving out bad stuff such as sulphates and parabens which could cause irritation. But what about the other 3%? The remaining 3% contains preservatives to extend the longevity, emulsifying agents to stop ingredients from separating and of course some fragrance.

Main ingredients:

  • argan oil rich in frizz- taming essential fatty acids helping to increase hair’s elasticity.
  • Shea butter which moisturizes hair.

I received products from their range called To The Rescue. This helpes repair frizzy damaged hair. Noughty describes it as ‘your knight in shining armour’. Sounds promising! The packaging contained the following products:

  • To the Rescue Hair Treatment
  • Intensive Care Conditioner
  • To the Rescue Conditioner
  • To the Rescue Shampoo

The scent

One of the biggest surprises: the scent. It contains Moroccan argan and almond. So pleasant! When I first opened the box I was already looking forward to some me-time, I absolutely love the scent. It stays even after washing my hair which is brilliant.


At first I wasn’t sure as it didn’t foam much. It doesn’t lather as much as other brands… Noughty is free from sulphates (SLS) which is often added to make products foam. The trick is to add a lot of water and you should store the products at room temperature.  Many people associate foaming properties with cleansing but in fact these two have nothing in common. Noughty will give you a clean feeling and besides that it’s natural and free of bad stuff. Perfect, right?

The products help repairing even the most over treated, damaged hair. They’re packed full of intensely hydrating shea butter and hair-loving Argan oil. My hair is really dry and I must say that I was really surprised. The products do what they’re made for and my hair brushes very easy after using it! The shampoo has even won a prize during the International Beauty Awards 2017. It’s highly recommended and I totally understand why. I LOVE them and I’m definitely going to try their other products as well.

More information:

Curl Contour Serie Expert
Curl Contour Serie Expert

L’oréal Curl Contour: the comeback of curly hair

Next up was this package from L’oréal. This one contained 3 products from their range Curl Contour. I’m always excited when something from L’oréal arrives! Straight hair has been a real trend the last couple of years but curly hair makes a comeback! I do have slightly wavy hair so I was really excited to try them. Curl Contour is developed for wavy and curly hair. The new formula (oil microemulsion) is based on transversal technology which nourishes hair .

The package contained 3 products from the Curl Contour range:

  • Curl-defining nourishing shampoo
  • Nourishing and enhancing masque for curly hair
  • Nourishing and defining cream for curly hair.

Main ingredients

The products contain two main ingredients: Glycerin and Incell.

  • Incell nourishes the hair profoundly.
  • Glycerin gives each curl or wave a brilliant definition and firmness.


The first thing I pay attention to is the scent. I don’t like chemical odors at all & this scent is really fresh and pleasant. However this shampoo might not be the right one for my type of hair! It’s especially designed for curly hair so I can’t really tell if it gives each curl a brilliant definition. One thing I can tell you is the fact my hair did feel very soft and seems healthy after using it.

The products are available at one of the professional L’oréal Salons.

More information:



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