Hello Spring! Time for bright colors with OPI’s Tokyo Collection

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The time is near, Spring will officially be in the country next week. You wouldn’t say so with low temperatures of 9 degrees celsius at the moment. I’m a real Spring girl, Winter and Fall aren’t really my thing. Okay September and October are fine, because I can get out my Fall clothes, but that’s pretty much all I like about it. 🙂

Spring, that’s my season. It gives me energy, makes me happy and I instantly have the need for brighter colors. This year I can officially call myself an OPI ambassador, how great is that?! I really back this brand and that I swear . You’ll only find nail products of this brand in my closets. They have something great in store for us this year, they’ll take us along to the sparkling city with they’re Tokyo Collection.

Tokyo by OPI

This year, OPI will take us to Tokyo, the centrum of energy and creativity. It’s on of those cities I’d love to visit, but I’ve already been there in a sense. The collection consists of 12 colors available in the classic nail polish, Gelcolor for professionals, the well known Infinite Shine products and six Limited Editions with glitter.

The colors I chose were: Rice Rice Baby, Chopstix and Stones, Hurry Juku Get This Color. Honestly, how fun or those names? 🙂

I actually play it safe most of the time and go for red, so I went for blue this time. And I must admit, I was a fan! A lovely coat? Check! Long lasting results? Check! This color has a subtle glitter to it, which just finishes it completely!

The perfect manicure with Infinite Shine

This time I also choose the Infinite Shine, this is the Long-Wear nail polish collection that is applied in three steps. You apply the base coat, two layers of the color and the top coat. The result: a wonderful manicure that lasts up to 11 days. With the Infinite Shine collection you’ll have a wonderful shine to your nails, just as you would have with a Gel.

I’m a huge fan of the collection! Are you?

Discover the full collection over here: https://www.opi-belgium.be/nl/314-tokyo-ss-2019

Love, Elien


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