Hashtags on Instagram in 2019: what’s the ideal way to use them?

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Something a lot of businesses tend to forget: the so-called hashtags on Instagram.

Still, it’s an important aspect of your Instagram strategy, because it ensures potential clients see your posts. But how do you choose the right hashtags and how many should you use? Let me tell you my tips.

What are hashtags? 

Hashtags collect all photographs of a specific subject, as a business you can use this to track what’s being said about your brand. Keep in mind that, as a business you’re better off choosing an original hashtag to track the pictures being posted on your company. For instance, I should start with the hashtag ‘littlelouvain’ to track what’s being posted about me, because I’m the only one spreading it around. 🙂

Next to your own unique hashtags there are other hashtags you can use to increase your reach. For example, I also use the hashtags:

  • #ondernemendevrouwen 
  • #belgianblogger 
  • #ambitieuzevrouwen
  • #zakenvrouw

Those hashtags are in Dutch, because my target group consists of Belgian entrepreneurs. 

Why use hashtags? 

But of course you want to add some potential new customers to your followers, and that’s the real reason you want to start using hashtags. Through those you can reach out to a new public that sees your posts and maybe they’re not following you already. I am regularly getting new followers by using the right hashtags which enables my channel to keep growing and allowing me to reach the right demographic.

Choosing the right hashtags

Using hashtags is important, we’ve established that. But choosing the right hashtags isn’t as straightforward as that. Considering the following points could help you:

1. Choose relevant hashtags

The hashtag ‘coffee’ while posting a photo of plants isn’t going to help you. You can only reach out to your audience by picking relevant hashtags.

2. Look at the popularity of the hashtags

A hashtag that gets used a lot isn’t relevant, because your posts would just vanish in the flood. But a hashtag that hardly get used isn’t good either, as you won’t reach a lot of people. Generally the best thing to do is go for a middle ground, niche hashtags aimed at the general public, between 50.000 and 500.000 is a good benchmark.

3. Check out if the competition is using the same or different hashtags

Unsure on which exact hashtags to use? Type in some search words, for example if you want to find relevant hashtags for the word ‘coffee’. Start simply and look at the list of other search terms. When you press one of those you get another list of relevant hashtags.

Still unsure what the right way to go is? Do a competitor analysis and compare the hashtags they are using. 🙂

4. Experiment and compare

It’s nearly impossible to know which hashtags would work perfectly beforehand. So try experimenting, change the hashtags you’re using. Afterwards you can consult your statistics to discover how many people have used the hashtags to visit your profile.

How many should you use? 

There isn’t an exact answer to this question, Instagram has a maximum of 30 hashtags per picture. Some experts claim using 15 is best. But I tend to say: if they’re relevant and could deliver results, feel free to use all 30!


Next to hashtags, geotags are another must, because local potential clients may only be interested in searching in a certain radius.

Tip: I plan my social media posts in Later.com, this tool allows you to plan up to 30 pictures for free per month/ per channel. I create my own lists of hashtags that have worked in the past so I can change it up once in a while. You can thank me later! 🙂

Have any other questions regarding social media or are you looking for a freelance social media manager for all of your online channels? Then I’m your girl! Send me a mail on littlelouvain@gmail.com?

Love, Elien


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