Heading into Fall with the new Peru collection by OPI

OPI Peru Collection

OPI Peru Collection

Summer is slowly coming to an end, colder weathers are on the horizon and you need to prepare your wardrobe and accessories for a whole new season. This is a delight for some and can prove a bit more difficult for others.. But there’s always one key to complete your perfect outfit, that’s right: nail polish!

Getting your nails matched up with your outfit is an absolute must, even the simplest and subtlest of colors can add that finishing touch to any outfit. I myself am more of a classic color lover. And I had the opportunity to pick out three items from OPI’s new collection inspired by Peru, which just so happens to be my favorite nail polish brand… How lucky am I?!

So as I said, I prefer the classic colors over vibrant or bright nail polish. And OPI always produce formulas of the highest quality, let there be no question about that.. Of course if you want the best possible results you can use the Base Coat and Top Coat, that way it’ll hold for up to (or longer than) seven days! Curious to find out which I picked? Well here you go!

My Solar Clock Is Ticking

For those days I’m in a brighter mood, I’d still love to wear a plain yet vibrant shade. So this has to be the perfect colour for that! An energetic, burning shade of pink combined with red that can be worn all day and you won’t get tired of looking at it! It’s also a great eye-catcher, so be prepared for compliments around the clock!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountains

If you’re not in a brighter mood for some weird reason, and are missing those warm lovely summer days, let this soft shade of powder-pink take you right back! This shade of pink will transform your wardrobe to a new height, it’s one of the most perfect colors to combine with any type of outfit. But besides that it’s also the next upcoming trendy color of the Fall.. Win-Win!

Peru collection OPI

Seven Wonders Of OPI

One of the absolute classics. A mondain and perfectly tinted shade of light purple. It’s a color written on my skin as it’s the perfect shade to wear with both a casual and classy or chic outfit. And anyone who has seen me knows I’ll never turn down an opportunity to head out of the door wearing a chic outfit!


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