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You know what they say: diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I have a huge collection of jewelry (no diamonds included but I do love sparkly items :-)) I love to mix and match different stones to create my own beautiful ‘creation’. A couple of weeks ago I discovered Rara Jewelry. It was love at first sight and I felt so inpired by all these beautiful creations. This is one of the brands I absolutely adore and today I’m telling you all about it!


Rara Jewelry

The story

Rara was established in 2015 by two brothers Val and Valentine Wikstrem. They’ve been traveling in Asia and discovered the precious world of gemstones. They both became enthusiastic about stones: Val started collecting them and Valentin became a jeweler learning everything about gemology and jeweller’s art. They believe that collecting isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifelong investment in feelings.  The idea behind it is to create items you can fall in love with. No this isn’t just another accessory, Rara is more than Jewelry. Every ring is custom-made: that’s what they call unicity. It is a wonderful feeling to have your own beautiful creation.
I must say that these 2 brothers have succeeded. I’m a huge fan and I’m in love with all the different items. It’s so nice to mix and match different shapes, forms and gemstones. They offer both plain and rough collections and they will add more items to the collection. You can check out the collection over here.

My own beautiful creation

The items come in a cute little round box. I received two different rings: a plain gold amethyst and another one with two different stones and a rough texture, which I can’t find on the website. That’s the thing I like about Rara: you can mix all the different shapes, gemstones and textures to create an unconventional composition. The purple gemstone is real perfection. I love the combination of the two completely different rings.


Wearing jewelry shouldn’t be boring, add a little twist to it with Rara jewelry! 
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