My August fashion favorites

August fashion favorites Littlelouvain

I’m not a big spender, but sometimes when I enter a certain shop, I just fall in love with an item. Have you seen the movie Shopaholic? When that mannequin is whispering she should buy the green scarf, I’m not saying I hear voices but yeah you get the point. 😉 There is no mannequin telling me to get the item, I’m telling myself I should get it lol.

No matter what, I’ll do everything to get that item. This month I spent a lot of time online because it was the first Summer I didn’t go on holiday and yes I decided to explore the world wide web while enjoying this sunny weather in Belgium. The advantage of a freelancer, you can work wherever you want and I decided the sunbed was my office of the day. Today I’ll be sharing my August fashion favorites which I discovered during my search on the world wide web.


Dress – Esprit

It’s still very warm in Belgium but I’m already thinking about Autumn. That’s why I’m purchasing some basic items you can wear both in Summer and Autumn. Like this dress for example: I can wear it with pumps whenever I’m going to a meeting or I can simply combine it with some boots in Autumn. This is one of those dresses you can wear in many ways, so versatile! Esprit manages to surprise me every single time. Their collection is timeless and they have great basic items as well! The dress is stylish and simple, and you can combine it with some statement earrings and a fashionable handbag to make the outfit complete!

[/one_half][one_half_last]Esprit dress Littlelouvain[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Guess blue sandals littlelouvain[/one_half][one_half_last]

Renee Leather Sandal – Guess

A dress, check. But what should I wear with it? The perfect excuse to buy new shoes! I’ll admit: I have a soft spot for luxurious shoes…My grandmother always says I’m the second Imelda Marcos, this lady has more than a thousand pair of shoes. When you’ve already visited my place, you know there are shoes everywhere. In my bedroom, in the living room, sometimes in the kitchen… There’s someone who isn’t very happy with it but can you blame me? I just have way too many shoes!

I love to wear neutral colors like nude, gold or black, but I’m trying to choose for colors out of my confort zone. This pair of sandals in a soft blue color caught my attention. I haven’t got blue shoes, the perfect excuse to buy them.

[/one_half_last] [one_half]

Flower bag blue – Mimo

I love flowers and handbags, so why not combine the two things I love? Mimo is one of my favourite Belgian brands when it comes to bags. The designs are always trendy and the founder, Michèle Mottrie, pays attention to details. Every bag is a true masterpiece! She has transparant bags as well, which you can use to show off all of your brand new goodies!

[/one_half][one_half_last]Mimo flower bag littlelouvain

[one_half]Esprit Skirt littlelouvain[/one_half][one_half_last]

Skirt – Esprit

Last but definitely not least:  this skirt from Esprit in sheepskin leather. I love longer skirts like this one! It’s perfect to wear to meetings, but I can also wear it with a pump and blouse to a fancy party. Talking about versatility, right? I’m always choosing items I can easily combine and wear for a lot of different occasions.

What’s your favorite item?
Let me know!




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