New hotspot in Hasselt: All About Eve

All About Eve hotspot in Hasselt

Discovering new stores? Hell yes, I love it. There is a new hotspot in Hasselt and it’s actually a very special one because I know the lady behind this concept. I’ve met Eveline during a blogger night @ Zizo Home and she is such a wonderful and sweet lady. Right now she has started her own concept store All About Eve. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great yesterday (read: I’m scared to drive my car when it’s snowing)  so I couldn’t attend the vegan lunch. However I’ll go and discover everything when I’m visiting Hasselt. Are you as excited as me? Read on and discover everything about this wonderful concept store.


You probably already know I’m into vegan/ natural brands. Eveline attaches great importance to sustainability. You’ll only find brands that fit within this concept of sustainability. All About Eve offers vegan/ natural cosmetics, vegan food and has a tea bar as well. I couldn’t be more exciting about that, because I’m such a huge tea lover! The food is prepared by chef Bhumi, who introduces you to her Hindu Bowls. I would love to taste the different pure flavors from India. Besides Hindu Bowls you can also taste the famous açai bowls or a typical ‘Aussie Brekkie’. It feels like you’re exploring different parts of the world! All dishes are vegetarian and vegan, the ingredients are local and organic. Need I say more? it’s a true hotspot in Hasselt!

Natural cosmetics

Eveline sent me some items and I couldn’t wait to try them! The package contained a hand cream from Florame, an eye shadow palette and a natural brown mascara. I’m really into all things natural/ vegan, I like to know what I’m putting on my skin. A lot of make-up contains chemicals and bad things that could harm your health/ skin. In this way I’m 100% sure that whatever I put on my skin is natural and good! And I must say: I was really surprised!

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All About Eve hotspot in Hasselt

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A good hand cream always comes in handy. I like to moisturize my hands especially during Winter. But some hand creams are greasy and don’t absorb quickly. This is really annoying when you haven’t got time to wait until it has been absorbed. 😉 This one from Florame smells great, it’s such a fresh odor and it quickly absorbs, goodbye sticky feeling! It contains biological essential oils, these ingredients ensure the skin is soft and smooth without leaving that oily residue behind. Wonderful!

I love a good eye shadow palette and a decent mascara. And how pretty are these different colours? If you look close enough, you’ll notice it contains some glitter. The palette is from this vegan friendly brand Lily Lolo Laid, the mascara is from Nuì and is natural. Want to see the result? I’ll share a make-up look on my Instagram soon.

Want to discover All About Eve yourself? Go visit her shop in Hasselt at Ridderstraat number 5. Or shop online over here:

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