Personal: rosacea and the road to healthy skin

Rosacea, persoonlijk verhaal en huidbehandelingen

My friends and family know about my rosacea by now. This skin condition is found in many Western women and men. My mom finds my red cheeks cute, but I find it annoying. Yes, there are worse things in life, but it still influences my confidence. Because a lot of people have to deal with it, I’d like to share my experiences.

What is rosacea?

My problems started when I was 12, I was experiencing infections, redness and dry skin. As a teenager your confidence is naturally lower so what can you do? That’s right, get out the big guns.

I always assumed it was acne, a periode all teenagers had to go through. Unfortunately a lot of brands sell aggressive products such as Clearasil, that only wreck the skin. The results: my problems started getting worse, and I ruined my skin’s barrier without even realizing it.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition, I suffer from infections in my face, extreme dryness and redness. Pretty is something else… 🙂 Things such as alcohol, spicy food and the sun only make my problems worse. And of course, those are three things I need in my life…

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Many treatments, no solution

Only when I was 18 did I think to do something about it. The big advantage of my blog is that a few institutes wanted me to test new treatments, but those only proved to make my conditions worse. They promise a lot and went to work like they knew what they we’re dealing with without even doing a skin analysis. My dear readers: never sit in that chair without a skin analysis.

Esthetiek Femke in Overijse

Several months ago I came into contact with Femke from Esthetiek Femke, an institute in Overijse. I immediately felt welcome and the entire team was there to greet me.

I told them about my skin condition and how insecure it makes me. She showed me the Environ products: they use a unique vitamin A step-up system so the skin could gradually get used to higher doses of vitamins. Did you know vitamin A is essential for your skin and external factors could influence the amount you take in? The consequence: bye bye healthy skin.

Together with Femke and Laura, I set my first step towards a healthy skin. Love your skin, you only have one and it’s worth investing in!

Skin supplements, adjusted care and personalized treatments

The first step to a healthy skin is a skin analysis, with the help of a device they can test the different layers of the skin. Certain problems won’t be visible to the naked eye so they can see the condition your skin is in using this device.

Based on this skin analysis adjusted care or skin supplements could be recommended to suit your skin’s needs.

Skin Accumax: skin supplements

The Advanced Nutrition Programme contains skin supplements for everything: immunity, hydration, protection, anti-aging and a clear skin. Skin Accumax is especially designed for the problematic skin: it contains vitamins A, C and E and the unique substance DIM (a broccoli extract). The supplement can deal with all the causes of acne: bacteria, hormones, too much tallow- bringing balance back to your skin.

These supplements should be taken twice a day, two pills in the morning and two in the evening, for at least 14 weeks. The skin needs time to restore. These supplements have an effect on the entire body though, zits on your back for examples will disappear as well.

I’ve been taking them for a month and a half so far and the difference is noticeable! Soon I’ll be able to share a before and after so stay tuned! 🙂

Enivron skin care

Oil on a problematic skin not good for you? Think again!

My skin care routine consists of 4 steps:

  1. A double cleanse using the Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil: fats and water don’t mix and that’s why cleansing using oil should be the first step, oil dissolves in oil but not in water. The oil purifies the pores and removes other impurities.
  1. The Sebu Wash Gel Cleanser is rubbed on the skin to remove excess dirt and tallow.
  1. Sebu Ace Oil and Sebu Lac Lotion: I mix several drops of the oil and lotion. The oil helps prevent zits and provide the skin with essential vitamins. The lotion has exfoliating ingredients that improve the skin’s texture.
  1. Last but not least: RAD SPF 15, daily protection against the sun (even if it isn’t that sunny). The sunscreen contains high doses of antioxidants that protect against solar damage. Rubbing it in daily could prevent premature aging.

Treatments: VPL and Cool Peel

Next to the supplements and skin care, skin improvement sessions are available in Femke’s institute. I visit once a week for my treatment. Rosacea requires a careful approach as the skin is extremely sensitive, with treatments such as VPL and Cool Peel the symptoms can be dealt with.

VPL for rosacea destroys the inflamed and broken blood vessels.You no longer need these damaged blood vessels because they don’t work properly and blood finds another way. (Femke compares it with water, that always finds its way) It does sting but it’s worth it. 🙂 The rosacea could be darker at first, but that is perfectly camouflaged.

Cool Peel is based on lactic acid which is the softest acid among the acids. It is the perfect alternative for aggressive peelings. The acid has a moisturizing effect and leaves the skin hydrated. They always work with a low percentage so that the skin barrier is not damaged. Because it has a lower pH value, the peeling works very deeply without being aggressive and that is ideal for rosacea.

Need more information?Visit Esthetiek Femke or make an appointment:

Hopefully you found this article helpful!


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  1. June 2, 2019 / 9:21 am

    Zo interessant om te lezen! Goed dat je de behandeling hebt gevonden die werkt voor jou! 😀

    xo Noor

  2. Elodie
    August 3, 2019 / 10:28 am

    Hi! I would love to know if your rosacea got better with the dim supplement

    • Elien
      August 18, 2019 / 3:15 pm

      Hi Elodie, it did actually! You have to take it a few months to make sure your skin gets used to it.
      It worked great, but I also used the right skin care (Environ) because it’s great for problem skin.

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