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The weather in Belgium isn’t great at this moment. On rainy days like this one I like to stay inside and do some online shopping in the evening. Crawling under a blanket, a cup of tea and my favourite online shops. Yes, that’s what I’m going do to this evening! I love online shopping, but I’m actually not quite a big spender. But I’m very happy if my favourite items are discounted. The only problem is that I always forget to check if there are any discounts available and suddenly the item is sold out…. The struggle is real.

Luckily there are sites with a clear overview of all the different discount codes, sales and offers. Sites like have listed all of my favourite webshops: De Bijenkorf, Torfs, Zalando, Ici Paris XL, Coolblue, VidaXL et cetera! In today’s post I’m sharing my favourites with you. Maybe this is the perfect moment to buy a gift for Valentine’s Day?


Spring is almost here! Already looking forward to it… In the meantime, I can start my search for the perfect pair of shoes. By boots, hello sandals and toes 🙂 On my wishlist are a pair of sandals, pumps, Ted Baker pink sneakers and a new bag from Guess. Omoda has a wide range of accessories and shoes. Did you that if you sign up for the news letter of Omoda, you’ll get a discount of 10 euros? Which one is your favourite? Visit this link in order to see all discount codes. kortingscode


I love beautiful lingerie. It’s feminine, sexy and also perfect to boost your self-confidence! I love red, the colour of love. Perfect for Valentine’s day, don’t you agree? Spoil your girlfriend (or boyfriend :-)) with something nice!

Hunkemöller discount code


I must say that I’ve only recently discovered Home24. They have a wide range of items for your home in different styles: modern, Scandinavian, urban… My favourite items? This golden side table, chair and this floor mat. I love all things minimalistic, golden and marble of course! Home24 offers a lot of discount codes on a regular basis.



This discount is for all the girlbosses/ freelancers/ bloggers/ content creators out there. Vistaprint wants to empower business owners worldwide to market themselves professionally. The have a wide range of quality products such as marketing materials, posters, invitations, bags etc. As a freelancer I like to have quality business cards (always comes in handy if you meet a potential customer.) Besides that I know from my experience that Vistaprint is a good choice. I have business cards for my blog and my company. kortingscode

X Elien


Hi, ik ben Elien. Op de blog vind je mijn passie voor mode, beauty, lifestyle en verre reizen. Mijn laptop en smartphone wijken nooit van mijn zijde en ik ben stiekem ook wat koffieverslaafd. Een lekkere cappuccino naast me tijdens het werken, daar kan ik zo van genieten!

Mijn motto: Ga je dromen achterna, ze weten de weg. ♥︎

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