Summer vibes at the garden party of Atelier Cologne

Garden party Atelier cologne

On Monday the 4th of June I was invited to a garden party by Atelier Cologne. This was a big honor for me as Atelier Cologne is considered as an elite brand among perfumes. The reason for this garden party was to celebrate the opening of their departments in the Ici Paris XL shops in Brussels and Antwerp. It was such an amazing evening filled with delicious food, great music, amazing people and of course wonderful cologne. I had a lovely conversation with the founder of Atelier Cologne, Christophe Cervasel, he told us so much about his brand and passion. It was such a pleasure and honor to meet him!  Want to know more about it? Read on!

It was a huge surprise when we arrived at the location. An illuminated path led us to the secret location. The setting of the garden party was inside of a beautiful conservatory surrounded by roses and plants. Such a wonderful place for a garden party! After a short but very interesting speech/ story by the founder it was time to start some workshops.  One of these workshops was hosted by the lovely Frauke from The Life Factory  where we could learn to make our very own plant hanger (it took me a while to get the hang of it but I finally managed it!).

Atelier Cologne Garden Party 3

But the most important one was, of course, a complete demonstration of all their wonderful colognes. They also provided several bottles to choose from as a gift, and they even personalized a handy little satchel to protect the bottle. This is an amazing brand of cologne and different to many other colognes because of two things.

The first is their offer of unique and pure scents, for example their Orange Sanguine can only be described as sunshine in a bottle. When you close your eyes and take in this scent, you’re automatically transported to the lovely orange gardens of Italy.

The second way they’re different from other brands is that their colognes are designed to be long lasting. The problem with other brands is that their scents fade away rather quickly or you get used to them to fast. The Atelier Cologne scents are designed to last the entire day and radiate a complex scent when the ‘main’ ingredient has faded.

Atelier Cologne perfumes

We received a personlized gift with 3 bottles and our engraved satchel. The box was so beautiful I didn’t want to open it. Have you ever seen such beautiful packaging? My favourite scent is vanille and I’ve been wearing it all week. And it wasn’t a lie: the scent stays on that long. I only have to spray a little in the morning and I can still smell it in the evening.

Atelier Cologne packaging
Atelier Cologne engraved satchel

My boyfriend made a little video for you guys, to show you how amazing it was!



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