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November is slowly creeping to its end and the Holiday’s are getting closer. I consider it to be the coziest period of the year, but let’s be honest: there’s a lot of stress in this period. Always asking the same questions: what do I get for my friends and family? I know the feeling… To avoid having to buy last minute gifts I’ve already started searching. A well prepared man/woman is worth two! Besides I also prefer to support the smaller and local entrepreneurs with a lovely story behind them.

A while ago I discovered Van Eijsselsteijn International Fashion, a small and cozy store in the beautiful Montfort (a town in Limburg) right by the Belgian border. This store is easily accessible by car and most definitely worth a visit! They’ll receive you with open arms and can offer you customized advice.

Are you more of an online shopper? Then you’ll want to check out their webshop:


Van Eijsselsteijn International Fashion is best known for luxury and affordable womens fashion. You’ll be more than able to find whatever your idea of the perfect outfit is: coats, pants, blouses, shoes, dresses and even jewellery. And all of this for the same price and quality!

Besides clothing they also offer skin care products and perfums for both men and women. Recently they’ve also been selling beautiful lifestyle products. A great place to find a Christmas present! 😉


What I love about this collection? They avoid buying in bulk. You’ll only find a limited amount of items in their stores, you can be very sure whatever you get is unique! They phrase it best themselves: “We don’t want everyone walking around wearing the same, after all, we’re unique!”. If they sell a specific item in their store, they’ll also remove it from the webshop immediately.

The usually also have one or two pieces of each item of jewellery and purses available in their stores. A purse or jewel is the finishing touch to every outfit and it can make any lady feel that little extra special! Being able to say: “hey, I’ve got this unique piece” makes it all more memorable.

Littlelouvain 2


Van Eijsselsteijn has recently become the exclusive provider of the brand new brand Hello Beauty Full & co in Europe. A company that aims to encourage everyone to share some more positivity. They want to bring more love, beauty and a smile to everyone’s faces.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Even if you have more curves or are a little shorter, skinnier or have some extra freckles: it’s what makes you unique. They want to make sure everyone feels beautiful and loved. Take some time in the morning to greet each other! Let’s be honest: when you’re standing in line at the bakers and you’re wearing this shirt, it’ll be an ideal icebreaker to start a conversation 😉

Hello Beauty Full & co clothing is exclusively available at Van Eijsselsteijn (for private individuals and businesses), you can find all of the items over here:

Price of the t-shirt: €34,95


Curious to see the new collection? You can follow Van Eijsselsteijn International Fashion on Facebook and Instagram. It’ll be worth the effort if you’re looking for outfit inspiration!


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