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It’s Monday, a fresh start of the week. However your brain decides to go blank and you haven’t got any inspiration. This is so difficult when you’re under pressure of needing to post something on social media. Have you ever struggled yourself with what to post on social media? Yes, we’ve all been there. But finding great content is in fact not that difficult! There are so many possibilities, and today I’m sharing 20 great content ideas for Instagram. You’ll never run out of ideas again!

Lifestyle photography is the key to succes. You can tell a great story through photography! Move over pack shots, you’re so boring! Pack shots are simple shots of the packaging of products on a white background. I don’t like pack shots, lifestyle photos are much more interesting to look at. A good lifestyle photo contains all sorts of things, to show your product in a beautiful styled picture. I believe you should add some colour and props to make your products stand out. Not just a simple product on a white background. We all love styled photos, don’t you agree?

A great background is seriously the key to a great product photo. That’s why I wrote a complete blog post about different backdrop ideas under €25. Try it yourself at home: buy some coloured paper, mine is from AVA . If you like to create things and be creative, I really recommend this shop. Experiment with colours, mix and match and find out what you like. My favourite coloured paper is this light pink one, it adds a more feminine look to every photo.

Beauty products, food, fashion items and jewels are perfect for lifestyle photography. When I’m doing some styled food shoots, I like to add some fresh fruit or other ingredients.

Instagram post idee_ lifestyle fotografie

Who doesn’t love inspirational quotes? You can use it to motivate other people, to show them what you believe in or to tell a certain story. If you’re selling a healthy product, you might search for quotes about healthy lifestyle.

However as a business it’s important to keep a clear identity. Consistency is important! Your readers/ followers have to recognize your brand by just looking at your photos for about 3 seconds.

Tip: use a certain colour. Have you got some colours that are really important for your corporate identity? Use them! You can create a background in this colour, to add quotes to the same background every single time.

Instagram post idee_ quotes

Create a calendar with all important/ relevant dates for your company. For example: Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or Christmas are important days for jewelry brands. Around this time you can post different photos/ quotes/ videos related to these days to increase awareness and maybe sales?

Tip: besides important dates, real time marketing can be of great value. Stay up to date of current events and create topical ads. The newspapers set out the story and brands take advantage of this story. The best example is Bol.com. They have a great social media team following up all the latest events.

Instagram post idee_ feestdagen

This is one of the ideas business owners often forget: the personal side of the business. We are social human beings and love to see who’s behind a certain brand. Introduce your team, tell your followers about their strengths, make a joke about them or thank them for their work.

People make a great business. I’m the face of my business and blog. I try to share some personal stories once in a while. Social media isn’t about the commercial side of companies, it’s about creating a community! Whenever a business is only promoting products, I would never follow them.

Reposts are another great way if you don’t have any inspiration. Encourage clients to make photos and share them with a certain hashtag. In this way they’ll share your products with other people and that’s what every business wants, right?

Tip: organize a little contest. Encourage people to share pictures and pick one/ month! The best photo wins a little price. This is a great way to motivate people!

This is my favourite repost tool. Download it and read the instructions to start reposting!

Instagram post idee_ reposts

As a business your main goal is to get traffic to your website. You want them to buy your products. That might sound hard but there are different possibilities. The first thing every company should do is integrating a blog on their website. Call it whatever you want: Latest news, blogposts….

Start writing relevant content. This is also great to improve SEO. Share the links on social media with a short explanation what this blog is about. On Instagram this is much more difficult, you have to put the link in your description box. When you share a picture, tell your followers they can find the link in bio.

Whenever you share links to your blog posts, people might take a look at other pages on the website as well.

Instagram post idee_ blogs

What are you doing at this certain moment? Share a picture of your situation of the day. People like to see some behind the scenes at work, it shows the personal side of a company.

Tip: ask questions. People will answer your question and this is great for engagement and reach of your post. It’s a fun and easy way to get people to interact with each other.

Whenever I ask people what they are doing in their weekends, I get a lot of answers. This is great to build a community and boosts engagement.

Instagram post idee_ behind the scenes

Something companies always forget: Instastories. Or they don’t really know how to use it, that’s why I’ll share a blogpost this week about Instastories.

Instastories are great to reach new potential customers. Instagram’s algorithm is based on interests, this means only interested people will see your posts. Instastories is great for personal stories, share what you’re doing at the moment, show them your work and so on. Believe me, it’s really important to use Instastories!

Tip: add hashtags to your stories. It’s possible to follow certain hashtags and this means people will see your photos.

Want to use some creative templates? I’ve made some templates myself, which you can find over here. You’re free to use them!

Instagram post idee_ behind the scenes (1)

Are you organizing an event? Make sure to go live on Instastories and to post a great photo during the event. In this way everyone can follow what’s happening during your event.

Afterwards you can write a blog post about your amazing event. And don’t forget to share it on social media as well!

Tip: hire a photographer to make great photos during your event. You can use these photos on all social media channels to show people how great it was!

Instagram post idee_ events

Last but not least: press coverage. If magazines/ blogs write something about you, make sure to share it on your social media. Besides press coverage you can also share great reviews of your product/ service. Other potential customers will see this and this may convince them to try your products.

Tip: If magazines wrote something about you, make a photo of your article and share it on social media. Tag this magazine as well!

Instagram post idee_ pers

Besides all these tips, there are some other great content ideas as well.


If you don’t have time to create new content, you can use a #throwback. The hashtag #throwbackthursday is often used when you post a throwback on Thursday. This can be a photo you posted in the past.

2. Celebrating something

When you’re celebrating a birthday, a milestone or something else at work, you should share this with your followers. They want to be part of this little succes!

3. Videos

Videos are a great way to keep people interested. There are some very creative examples out there, just google it and try it yourself!

4. Behind the scenes 

Take a look around your office. Share some photos of hard working colleagues, of your office pet or a photo of the production process. Behind the scenes are a great way to show people what you’re doing on a daily basis! People are curious. 🙂

5. Introduce new employees

Introducing new employees is great to work on that human connection. We all love to see the people behind a certain brand. Never forget: great people make a great company.

6. Polls on Instastories 

Not sure which item you should add to your collection? Let people decide! You can create polls on Instastories. Make a collection of the different items and let people vote. In this way you can see if people are interested or not.

7.  Instagram Stories takeover

A great way to grow your Instagram, is to do a little Instagram Stories takeover. You’ve probably already heard of Influencers. Find someone who has the same target group as you. The influencer will share this content with his/ her followers as well and in this way potential customers will find you on social media!

8. Facts from your industry 

Facts are great to show you’re a true expert. For example: a tea producer can tell followers about the great benefits of tea, the ingredients, the production process etc..

9. Host a contest in collaboration with an influencer

Influencers are people with a large amount of followers. They promote products on social media. As a business, a collaboration with influencers can be a great way to gain some new followers.

Tip: If followers want to participate, they should tag someone in the picture or like/ follow your page.

10. Keep it real 

Last but not least: keep it real. This is my advice to you. When you use all these content ideas, you’ll never run out of ideas again!

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