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Les Folies Leuven

Leuven is host to all kinds of fashion shops, from chain stores to independent multi-brand boutiques. New shops have come to Leuven and this offers exciting options for those visiting our beautiful city. You guys know I’m more like a ‘local shopper’. I prefer small Belgian boutiques when it comes to fashion. I already wrote a post about the opening of the brand new shop of Les Folies in March. And this week I had finally time to visit the shop and let me tell you this: it’s definitely worth a visit.  Don’t miss this hotspot on your next trip to Leuven. Read more about it in today’s post!

Les Folies

When I entered the shop I immediately noticed the amount op space. This shop is huge and there’s so much choice. Whether you’re looking for a trendy outfit or the perfect outfit for a fancy dinner, you’ll find everything at Les Folies.  Everything is nicely arranged by color.

Two beautiful jumpsuits caught my attention and I had to try them on. In the meantime I had a great conversation with the shop manager, such a sweet lady! Always there to help you and give advice, which I really like because I’m not that great at making decisions when it comes to shopping. The first one I tried on was this gorgeous black lace jumpsuit. And then I found  this striped one and couldn’t resist it.  Wear it to a day at the office or for a night out in the city, culottes are perfect for any occasion. It’s sophisticated and accentuates your curves! ‘Show what your mama gave ya!’

Les Folies
Les Folies Leuven

How to style culottes

This Spring/ Summer is all about these loose cropped trousers. It’s perfect for every occasion! Culottes and jumpsuits are a match made in heaven for Summer. But how do you style it? It offers endless possibilities. For a fancy dinner, combine the jumpsuit with high heels and a fashionable blazer. Or wear it with a biker jacket for a brunch with friends. It takes zero effort to pair up! For Autumn/ Winter you can combine it with a t-shirt for a trendy look.

Les Folies Leuven

Les Folies Leuven

Flower satiny top

I love flowers! Spring flowers boost my mood. Floral tops are a wardrobe staple season after season. It’s a must-buy for Spring and Summer, you can even wear it in Autumn or Winter with the right accessories. This satiny top is so soft and the price is great as well (only €29).

Did I already tell you Les Folies offers trendy fashion for a reasonable price? This top was only €29 and the culottes jumpsuit €49, affordable and the quality is great!


Website: les-folies.be

Culottes jumpsuit:  www.les-folies.be/culotte-jumpsuit.html

Lace flower satiny top:  www.les-folies.be/flower-satiny-top-white.html

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Les Folies Leuven



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