Enjoying this Altano Moment

Good morning! What a sunny day. Summer is here and I love it. Last week I was invited to something special: an exclusive picnic. The weather was nice and the food and drinks were great. In today’s post I’m telling you all about this fancy picnic.


Before I tell you about this day, I would love to give you more information about Symington. The Symington family, with Scottisch, Portugese and English century has been present in the Douro for five generations. They are the leading winegrowers in the Douro Valley, a large area of mountain vineyard. They own 26 vineyards. This wine region is known for port.


Altano is produced by Symington Family Estates. The grapes used to make Altano are grown in the Douro Valley. There are 4 different Altano wines: white, red organic and reserva. Over 130 years of experience go into the making of all Altano wines. These wines are accessible for millenials: the taste is great and from the economic point of view (the white and red wine costs 5.89 euro, the biowine 6.89 euro and the Reserva 9.89 euro) these wines are perfect for younger people.

We had a lovely picnic in a beautiful conservatory somewhere in Rixensart. Food by Isabelle Arpin, wine by Altano. What do we need more? Altano wants to create beautiful moments, and this was a great #altanomoment. Want to taste one of the Altano wines yourself? They are available @ Delhaize.

Take a look at these photos or watch the video below to get the best impression of this amazing picnic.

Altano picnic- Isabelle arpin

Altano wine - isabelle arpin

Isabelle arpin - Altano wine

Altano Moment


Thanks to Altano, Isabelle Arpin and Alice Bown!



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  1. juni 12, 2017 / 6:30 pm

    Echt zalig gewoon! Uw foto’s zijn ook altijd prachtig, klaar voor in de boekjes! xxx

    • Elien juni 19, 2017 / 12:55 pm

      Ma zo lief Jill! Ja het was superplezant, en zoooo lekker! XXX

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