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October is here, time to tell you all about my fall favourites. Skin care is really important, but the options can be so overwhelming. With so many products to choose from, it’s sometimes really difficult to find what works best. I believe that skin care is a vital part of your wellbeing and health and today I’m sharing my Fall favourites. Beauty/ lifestyle bloggers often receive products for a review. In this way they can give their honest opinion about it. In this post I’m sharing my Fall favourites – this post isn’t sponsored, The 4 brands I mention are my ultimate favourite ones!


#1 Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery

Kiehl’s is an American brand created in 1851 by a New York pharmacist, John Kielh. It became part of the L’Oréal group in 2000.  My ultimate favourite is this midnight recovery oil from Kiehl’s. It’s a natural replenishing elixir of pure botanical oils that provides vital nutrients to enhance skin’s nighttime recovery.  It regenerates, repairs and replenishes skin for smoother and healthier skin. The lavender scent is so relaxing, I love to apply it before I go to bed. It absorbs quickly and my skin looks great in the mornings.

How to use: apply 2 or 3 drops on cleansed skin.


My Kiehl’s favourites

Kiehl's midnight recovery


#2 Kneipp Body Lotion Mousse 

Kneipp is one of my favourite brands when it comes to the scent. These products do smell divine. The almond blossom range is my favourite one. This series was developed to care for dry and sensitive skin, it contains ingredients specifically intended to nourish and moisturize skin.

Kneipp came up with a new product in this range: body lotion mousse. This new Almond Blossom body lotion mousse is light, ultra soft for sensitive skin and it absorbs quickly. The name says it all: the product is a body lotion but has the texture of a light mousse. The advantage? Your skin care routine will be done twice as quickly if you use a mousse instead of a body lotion.

Kneipp introduced the award-winning body lotion mousses in the smells Pachouli and Morning Kiss in 2016. It has been a huge succes and that’s why they added another mousse to the Almond Blossom range.

(Available from October 1 – recommendation price € 9.99 – 200 ml)


Kneipp Favourites


Kneipp Body Lotion Mousse



#3 Natural Self

Oh boy, this is my favourite Belgian brand! I believe I’m one of the first Self lovers, I wrote two posts about this brand when it had just been launched. You can find the review over here.  I’ve been using the products every evening and morning and my skin feels soft and hydrated. I’m in love with the scent – can’t describe the feeling but I’m always looking forward to my evening skin care routine. It smells divine! You can check out the products over here.


Natural Self



#4 Apivita

Apivita was one of the first brands I wrote a review about, which you can find over here.  This company was founded by 2 pharmacists who got inspired by honeybees, the biodiversity of Greek Nature and the holistic approach of Hippocrates.  The name Apivita is derived from the Latin words Apis (bee) and Vita (life) which reflects the philosophy of the company – Bees never stop creating value and that’s exactly what the company is all about. It’s one of my favourite brands, the age defense illuminating cream is one of my favourites!


Do you have some favourite beauty brands?

I would love to know, leave a comment below. 



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  1. Jill
    October 1, 2017 / 6:16 pm

    Leuke productjes! Zeker die Self en Kiehl’s wil ik graag eens proberen. Zelf ben ik wel fan van Rituals en Zwitsal, haha 🙂 xxx

    • Elien October 1, 2017 / 7:40 pm

      Zijn zo goed! En oh Rituals vind ik zelf ook super!! Xxx

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