Great gift ideas for Mother’s Day

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You’ve probably written this date in full caps in your schedule.. Sunday 13th of May it’s Mother’s Day ofcourse! That one day where we pamper our lovely mom’s that little extra. And we should, our mom’s are the best after all (our dad’s come close but they get another day;-)). But what gifts should you get? Sometimes it’s not easy, believe me! You can’t get the same thing every year, that would be very dull. That’s why I’m making this list of musthaves that can bring a loving smile on your mommie dearest face!

Beautyproducts for me-time on Mother’s Day

A lot, if not all, women love beautyproducts (myself included). And over time we learn which brands are our mom’s favourites, for example my mom is a huge fan of Lancaster and Rituals. One of the huge benefits of running a blog is that occasionally brands send me their products to test. And ofcourse my mom loves to help with that! Curious what we’ve discovered? Well here’s a review on some different products you might consider as a gift on the 13th of May!

Di All About Beauty

Di is one of my personal favourite beauty shops. And it’s no surprise as they literally have everything and I always find exactly what I need. As Summer is coming closer, you’d best get ready for warmer weather. And Di is already preparing by adding some lovely new products to their stock (including the high end brand Roc), and they’ve been sharing some rules to help you get fully Summer-proof!

Rule 1: Protecting your skin against the sun

Something most of us already know: the sun has it’s advantages but there’s some downsides as well. In Di’s range of products there’s a whole lot of products for any skintype. I’ve received a Lovea sunscreen, a natural product that’s only available in shops of Di. It contains the exotic ingredient monoï and no traces of parabens. Monoï is an ingredient that hydrates and protects the skin (bonus: it also smells amazing!). It’s a product that immediatly reminds me of that vacation feeling. Besides that it’s also waterproof and has a light texture which leaves no traces of ‘film-layer’ when rubbing out on your skin. Another new product in their range is the dry mist, which feels light as a feather and doesn’t feel sticky at all.

Our opinion? We’re huge fans of these products: they smell amazing, feel great and don’t leave any sticky mess. I can only recommend these!

Rule 2: Let it shine!

Another rule to take to heart: this summer you shine! Di is sharing their newest make-up trends and apparantly purple is the new black. I’ve had the pleasure of testing their newest lipstick: the purple creamy Kiss NY Pro. This lipstick has a creamy texture, holds for a very long time (which for me is a big plus!). Nothing is more annoying than having to reapply you lipstick every 30 minutes. Simply apply like you would any lipgloss and it’ll dry to a semi-mate satin finish. The result of these products will be available on Instagram  this week so stay tuned!

Kneipp Amandelbloesemset Moederdag
Lovea zonnecrème Di

Kneipp Almond-blossom beauty set

Kneipp has cemented a place in my heart so far. It’s one of my absolute favourite brands because health is a central theme in the development of their products. They only contain natural substances, no conservatives, paraffin, silicone or mineral oils. Another reason to go for these products (if you needed one more): Kneipp doesn’t just look after the wellbeing of the peope, but of animals aswell and i just love that.. Consider me their biggest fan!

So i’ve received their Almond-blossom beauty set and it’s safe to say i’ve found a gift for Mother’s Day! Which is why i haven’t opened the box yet unfortunately, but i’ve already studied the products so i could tell you a little bit more about them! The Almond-blossom beauty set contains a showergel and body oil. It’s one of Kneipp’s most recognizable scents and i can only repeat myself by saying you can consider me their biggest fan! After showering or bathing simply apply the oil and massage softly. This oil contains avocado, almond-oil and natural vitamines A and E that hydrate your skin. A top product!

Or Tea tea set

Camellia S Belgium is the supplier of Or Tea. You might know this brand of tea due to their colourfull packaging. Camellia S has sent me a lovely box that contains two beautifully illustrated tea mugs and a variety of tea’s. My heart went into overdrive as i saw this amazing packaging, and tea is a huge part of my life so i am extremely happy!

The illustrated mugs are doublesided glass so the tea stays warmer for longer without causing discomfort to your hands. The perfect gift for all moms that love tea!

Cadeau Or Tea moederdag
Or Tea Camellia S Moederdag cadeau

Need more inspiration for Mother’s Day? Be sure to let me know!



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