Healthy lifestyle I Camellia S

Healthy lifestyle I Camellia S

I believe a healthy lifestyle is necessary for a positive mind. “You are what you eat”.  I do feel better when I eat healthy stuff.  This week I received a message asking if I wanted to try two different brands from Camellia S. They offer brands such as Or Tea?, Mill & Mortar, Simply Chocolate and Helt Honey. In today’s post I’m telling you about it.

Camellia S

Ecologicaly responsible, quality, colourful packaging and respecting nature: that’s what Camellia S is all about. They offer brands which are good for our own health while respecting our planet. But these brands aren’t boring at all, I love the overall look of them: Or Tea? has the most colourful packaging ever. Every little bag is different and is decorated with drawings. It’s nice to wake up and pick one of these colourful little bags. Mill & Mortar is stylish and these little jars deserve a place on my kitchen shelf.

Or Tea?

Camellia S

The tea bags come in a rainbow box, it’s such a pretty box. There are so many different flavours: Camomille, jasmine, Lychee, chai…  There is white, green, earl grey, black  herbal infusion tea and so on. I love the variety: I don’t like to stick to one certain flavour, I love to try new ones!  They add some colour to your life. Who said tea bags are boring? These are the prettiest tea bags I’ ve ever seen. 



Mill & Mortar

Dukkah Mill & Mortar

It’s thanks to the Bedouins that we can taste these delicious products. They brought along delicious mixtures as a provision for their trade caravans passing through the Sahara. Dukkah, a blend of roasted almonds and sesame, is inspired by these mixtures.  You can dip grissini (fresh bread sticks) in Dukkah Oil and then in Dukkah. Or use vegetables such as cucumbers or carrots to dip in this delicious oil.

Dukkah is perfect as a tapas or an alternative snack. I love the taste of it, you should try it yourself! When friends are coming over, this is a perfect start of a wonderful evening.






Dukkah Mill & Mortar



Website Camellia S,




Have you ever tried Or Tea? or Mill & Mortar?

Let me know in a comment!

Thanks to Camellia S for sending me these delicious products!





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  1. July 1, 2017 / 6:42 pm

    Amai die thee ziet er goed uit! En idd hele mooie zakjes ook 🙂 xxx

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