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Good morning! It’s the last week before my trip to Spain. I’m really excited about it. I found out that I graduated! So this week I’m looking for a job, preparing everything for my trip and I’m writing some blogposts. Today I want to tell you all about the earrings I received. I was allowed to choose a pair from Amen. Read on if you want to know more about it. 



Distributor Benelux

Just- G sells brands such as Amen, Your Way and Super Stylish. I fell in Love with Amen because of the story behind the brand.AMEN comes from the desire to give words of faith in order to be close to their loved ones because they feel protected, loved, never alone. I chose life tree earrings. I wanted more information about life trees and found this:

“The tree is a symbol of wisdom, protection, power and beauty. Through its roots there is contact with the underworld. With his branches he reaches to heaven. The life tree symbolizes eternal life: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. The circle is round. Year after year.  – Di-beads

 Amen offers jewelry with a meaning. Fait is fashion as they say it. These jewelry are a symbol of belonging, like comfort and protection. Everything is made in Italy.

Life tree earrings

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Amen jewelry





Website Amen

Website Just-G (distributor)


What do you think of my lifetree earrings?

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Next week I’m going on a trip to Spain, you can follow me on my Youtube channel! 

With love, Elien



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