Me-time with Redken, Di and Matrix

Me-time pampering routine

Saturday and Sunday are the best days to recover from a busy week and to prepare for a new one. I love to schedule some me-time to help reduce stress. A warm bath, a yummy cup of tea and my favourite magazine help to relax tensed nerves. This week I’ve received some products to try out for you and I’ve turned my bathroom into a private spa. Today I’m sharing my opinion about these brands & shampoo favourites and I’ll talk about my pampering routine as well. Do you have some favourite skin care brands? Let me know in a comment, I always like to discover new ones!


First of all I like to gather my essentials: a magazine, some soap, candles, skin care products and a cup of tea. I’ve received 3 packages this week with products from Redken, Matrix and a penguin mask from Di. Yes a penguin mask, how funny is that? I decided to try them out for you during my ‘improvised private spa moment at home’. I filled the bathtub, put on some relaxation music and decided to try this penguin mask first.

Penguin Mask available at Di, €3,19

The Pretty Animalz Penguin Purifying Sheet Mask is a true beauty. It contains extracts of lily, grapefruit and paper mulberry, it cleanses and moisturizes skin. It’s suitable for normal to oily skin. The first thing I noticed was how refreshing it is… Besides this my skin felt hydrated and soft! Second of all the scent is really pleasant as well + I like the overall look of it. It’s cute, right? I love face masks and this one deserves a score of 10/10. A musthave!

How to use the mask:

  • Remove the mask from the packaging, place on your face.
  • Press the mask onto the face, to ensure contact with skin. Leave it on for about 10 – 20 minutes.
  • Remove the mask. Massage skin to let your skin absorb the remaining serum. Rinsing isn’t necessary.

Available over here:


Shampoo favourites


Redken is one of my shampoo favourites, but I hadn’t tried products from this range. You can imagine I couldn’t wait to try them. Their range All Soft Care is simply amazing. It’s enriched with omega-6 argan oil, which nourishes hair for intense softness. It keeps hair silky soft with increased shine. I received the shampoo, conditioner and a All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue mask Cap, this last one is from their new range called All Soft Mega. They’ve launched it in February 2018, this line contains products for severely dry hair.

All Soft Mega Mask

After the penguin mask for my skin, I also wanted to give my hair the care it deserves so this All Soft Mega mask comes in handy! This Tissue mask cap is inspired by facial sheet masks and provides intense moisture while smoothing your hair. The first thing I noticed was this pleasant scent. If you’ve used Redken products before, you know what I’m talking about. Besides this one the condtioner and shampoo are great as well, leaving my hair hydrated and moisturized. I would absolutely recommend these products!

Available at the Redken salons.


Do you know Matrix? If I must be honest, I hadn’t heard of it before… But how cute is the packaging? I just love the rainbow colors and the names: Moisture Me Rich, High Amplify, Curl Please, Hello Blondie, Rock It Texture, Color obsessed and so on… The name says exactly what is does.

I received the High Amplify, Color Obsessed and Moisture Me Rich from their Total Results range. They have two other brands as well, Biolage and Oil Wonders. I’ve heard of Biolage, and would love to test a few products from this brand as well.

The shampoo smells great, perfect for a little spa moment at home. Also, The result turned out to be great. Unfortunately I’m born with hair that is dull and dry…  Moisture Me Rich contains glycerin, to help restore moisture. The result? My hair is soft and radiant. High Amplify contains protein, to help boost structure of fine hair for lasting volume. Color obsessed needs no explanation, it helps protect against fading and extends your color vibrancy. Haven’t tried this one yet, couldn’t try them all this weekend! 😉

Products are available at the Matrix Salons.


*I received some of these products for free, but I always give my honest opinion about everything. 



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