Picture perfect with The Body Shop

Saturday Matte Fever

You’ve probably already spotted them in beauty wonderland: the lip liquids from The Body Shop. It took me a very long time to try them out.  So many different colours… When I leave in the morning I have to face this tough decision: which colour? Can’t decide. I’m telling you all about these lip liquids from The Body Shop in today’s post. Read on and discover the different colours with me. 

Perfect Matte lips

With these (liquid) lipsticks

The Body Shop is definitely one of my favourite brands when it comes to makeup and skincare. Whenever I’m in Leuven, it’s time to discover some new items. Almost everyone knows the Colour Crush Lipstick collection.  These lipsticks have strong pigmentation and are long-lasting. The box contains the 7 new colours from this collection, ranging from Sienna Rose to Rio Fuchsia and New Orleans Scarlet.   I’m in love with New Orleans Scarlet. I’ve always been a red lipstick lover and this one looks  ultra luxurious.

The other surprise: 12 liquid lipsticks.  Liquid lipstick is new to me and  I was eager to try them on. I must say, they do last extremely long and the pigmentation is great.

Lip Liquids

Price: €12/ lipstick

The Body Shop Matte lipsticks


Yes. There is just one downside: my lips are really dry when I wear these lip liquids. The solution? Just wear a little bit of lip balm underneath it. I love the pigmentation and the colours are extremely pretty. From pink to nude shades, something for everyone.

The Body Shop liquid lipstick

You’re definitely picture perfect with these colours. 




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