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I remember that moment I discovered Pandora. I was a little younger -14 years old or something like that- and I told my mom that I really liked these Pandora charms. A year ago my mom and dad gave me a bracelet en 2 charms as a gift for Christmas. I couldn’t be more happy! Since that moment I’ve been collecting charms. Every charm has a special meaning to me. I have the ‘family tree’ that my mom and dad gave me, 2 beautiful charms of my boyfriend (he really knows what I like) and 2 of my boyfriend’s parents.

A week ago Brandfield send me a message. Apparently I won a giftcard because I participated in one of their contests on Facebook. Happy girl over here! I knew that they have a wide range of Pandora items, so I decided to spoil myself! I choose a Pandora princess ring and a heart- shaped charm. And for all the Pandora lovers out there: I’m showing them in today’s blog post so take a look and enjoy.

Princess ring

I love this princess ring. It’s so feminine, I love the shape and it’s actually quite affordable if you compare it to other Pandora items (€69). It goes well with my collection of rose gold charms. It’s so funny, I’ve always been a silver-lover and now I’m obsessed with all things rose gold. Well, my taste has changed over the couple of years so that might be the reason.

Pandora has a wide range of rings and the designs are all magnificent. It seems like they came straight out of a fairytale or something. So chic but not ‘too much’, if you know what I mean.

Besides the princess ring, I also choose a heart-shaped sharm. So happy with this one! You can buy it over here for the price of €39. The details are stunning, the heart consists of tiny pearls which adds the finishing touch to this charm.

One side of my bracelet is already completely full of charms, still 2 sides to go! Anyone wants to buy me a gift for Valentine’s Day? 😉 Rose gold is your best option! You can’t do anything wrong with Pandora…


Brandfield Pandora

About Brandfield

Brandfield offers a wide range of items such as watches, jewelery, sunglasses, bags and wallets. They have over 16.000 different items and 200 well-known brands such as Guess, Liu Jo, Calvin Klein, Cluse and so on. They follow the latest trends and in this way they can inspire everyone with trendy items or real classics.

Have you already ordered something from their webshop? Let me know in a comment!

X Elien

Brandfield Pandora


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    • Elien
      February 26, 2018 / 9:24 am

      Me too, I love to mix and match charms! xx

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