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Mother’s day is on its way and I happen to have the perfect gift idea for al the lovely mothers out there. I will be writing a ‘mother’s day special’ full of inspiration and gift ideas for you, so stay tuned if you need some inspiration.  A while ago, Pascaud opened their first beauty institute in Belgium. I attended the opening and was impressed by the building and the atmosphere. A couple of weeks later I went back for a facial treatment, which I will tell you all about in this post.

The first thing you should know about Pascaud is that they start every treatment with a skin analysis. This enables them to understand the specific needs of your skin.  Apparently I have low sebum production and my skin is dry. If you want to know more about the analysis, watch the video below.

The facial treatment was so relaxing. Every  room is nicely decorated and soft music plays in the background. I loved the temperature, it was warm in there and the chair was also heated. The lady who gave me the facial treatment really put me at ease. The treatment took about 1 hour, @ Pascaud they work with time blocks so you can easily choose the amount of time you have.

Pascaud beauty institute



I felt amazing after the treatment. It was relaxing and I believe every person needs a little ‘me moment’ once in a while. My skin felt hydrated and I must say I loved the powder they applied after the treatment. I’m definitely going back!

Pascaud beauty institute







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And hey, all the sweet mothers out there deserve some me time. I personally believe this is the perfect gift idea. 



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