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Good morning from Begur! Today I want to share a Summer musthave. I recently received two sprays from Smoovall, my mom and sister suffer from irritated skin when they have to walk during these warm temperatures. They suffer from thigh chafing, their inner thighs can be irritated. And I found the perfect solution! Read on if you want to know more about this brand.


My mom tried everything: Vaseline, other kind of sprays but nothing helped for a long time. A Dutch entrepreneur founded Smoovall, to help prevent irritated skin. The spray works for about 4 hours, which is nice because all these other products lose effectiveness after a short period of time. The spray doesn’t stick, it’s completely transparent and you can easily spray this on your skin so you don’t have to use your hands. It works in both ways: skin on skin, or textile on skin. That’s why cyclists can also use this spray: to prevent iritated skin caused by chaffing between your skin and the fabric.



My mom was the perfect person to test this product. She used it before we had to walk for a longer distance and she was sooo happy! No chaffing problems at all. She already told me that she is going to buy a lot of these sprays, to have them ‘in stock’. 🙂 If you buy two sprays, you don’t have to pay transport costs.



You can order the spray online over here:,
Smoovall’s Instagram:



* Disclaimer: I received this product for free, but I always give my honest opinion about everything. Let me know in a comment if you tried Smoovall and what your experiences are.




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