Take good care of your nails during Summer with OPI

Take good care of your nails during …

I’m a skin care addict. I love to discover new brands to take good care of my skin and body. But there’s one part I always forget: my nails. However I’m not the only person who tends to forget this, apparently 7 out of 10 women forget to take good care of their nails. It’s about time to give those nails the attention they deserve! Why? Because nail care is so important, it gives a great first impression when you first meet new people and it’s so important to have healthy nails. OPI knows how important nail care is, that’s why they’ve developed…

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Summer is here  I Lesara

Summer is here I Lesara

I can’t believe it: 33 degrees in Belgium yesterday. Those tropical temperatures are pretty rare. Today it’s a little bit colder and I must say that I love it. I couldn’t sleep for the last couple of days because of these tropical temperatures. No I don’t have airconditioning in my room! 🙂 But these tropical temperatures are perfect for my two new dresses from Lesara, which is a Berlin startup. They offer trendy fashion and exclusive products for the best price. I had never heard of this webshop before and I enjoy discovering new things. I was allowed to choose two dresses which…

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