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OPI nailpolish

I’m a skin care addict. I love to discover new brands to take good care of my skin and body. But there’s one part I always forget: my nails. However I’m not the only person who tends to forget this, apparently 7 out of 10 women forget to take good care of their nails. It’s about time to give those nails the attention they deserve! Why? Because nail care is so important, it gives a great first impression when you first meet new people and it’s so important to have healthy nails. OPI knows how important nail care is, that’s why they’ve developed a guide containing different steps to give your nails extra care. Want to know more about it? Read on!

Infinite Shine Treatments

Before I share the different steps, I quickly want to tell you something more about OPI’s Infinite Shine Treatments. OPI has developed 4 Base Coats to treat the most common nail problems. These 4 unique formulas are designed to help strengthen, nourish, smooth and brighten nails. They contain nourishing ingredients and are specially designed to shine for up to 11 days. I chose the shine treatment for conditioning. This Base Coat helps to moisturize nails for more flexibility. It’s formulated with all kinds of great ingredients such as lotus flower oilbamboo extract, and glasswort plant extract. These ingredients help improve dry nails and restore hydration. It leaves nails feeling conditioned and stronger and it helps prevent nails from splitting, snapping or breaking.

OPI infinite shine treatments
OPI nailpolish beach bag

The ultimate guide for healthy nails

OPI gave me a step-by-step plan for healthy nails. I’ll describe every step so you can try this at home as well.

  • Step 1: start off by washing your hands thoroughly and file your nails into your favorite almond, oval or square shape. After you’ve done this you can apply the Infinite Shine Treatment as the base coat. Simply start at the centre of your nail and pull across, don’t forget the sides as well!
  • Step 2: next up is the Infinite Shine Color! Pick your favourite color and add a layer on top of the base coat. Make sure to leave around half a milimeter free near the ridges of your nails. Apply a second layer of color for that deep effect and rest it for about 1 minute.
  • Step 3: If you love  that extra strength and shine on your nails, I would definitely recommend adding the Infinite Shine Top Coat which is applied in the same way as the base coat. Make sure to rest it for at least 20 minutes.
  • Step 4: The final step is adding the OPI ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil to Go to the ridges of your nails for that well needed nourishment. After applying simply massage gently and enjoy!

OPI cuticle oil

Free beach bag!

Summer is here and OPI wants us to enjoy this season as much as possible! You’ll get a beach bag for free if you order one of the products from the Infinite Shine Treatments (with a value of 65 euros in total). Sun Sea and Sand in my Pants, not going on holiday this Summer because I have a lot of work to do but I’ll use the bag for my next holiday in October when I’m going to Malaga. This bag is huge so it’s perfect for towels and beach items.

You can order your products over here: https://opi-shop.be/nl/

Thanks to OPI for making my nails completely Summer proof!

*Disclaimer: I did receive these products for free. However I only work with brands I love and I’ll always give my honest opinion. 


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