The pre-opening of Mercado

Mercado, the famous food hall in Antwerp and the first food market in Belgium, is opening its doors again after a Summer break. This weekend is the big Opening Festival and I (together with other people) was invited to the pre-opening which took place yesterday. It was a great evening full of nice food and different cultures. I did explore different tastes which I’m telling you all about in this post. 


Mercado is located in the old post office at Groenplaats number 43. The facade is impressive, my expectations were rather high. When entering the building I was really impressed. The amazing ceiling and a mix of different colours of light. A long table decorated with candles and flowers stood in the middle of the large room. It sure is a cozy place to have dinner. My boyfriend and I decided to take a look and visit all the different food stands. At Mercado you can travel around the world and discover different tastes. Do you want Mexican, Italian or Japanese food? Or do you prefer classic Belgian dishes? The choice is all yours. There are 14 different food stands and 4 bars you can choose from which are subdivided into the main bar, cocktail bar, wine bar and coffee bar.

They do change the food stands after a certain amount of time, to offer something new. At this moment you can choose from different cuisines: Moroccan, aromatic Lebanese, spicy Mexican, spicy Malay cuisine…. You can try all types of high quality meat dishes, dim sums, different fish specialities. Name something and you’ll definitely find it over there.


Mercado food hall



Malar’s kitchen was one of my favourite food stands. Malar offers traditional Malaysian dishes such as Nasi Lemak (served in a banana leaf) or roti canai, a sort of flatbread.  I hadn’t tried Malaysian food before and this was a great experience. Our next stop was Nemo’s sushi. They serve sushi with a twist! Offering all kinds of sushi – sushi burgers, sandwiches and salads. We did eat some kind of salad which was really good. It contained crunchy nuts and fresh vegetables. As dessert we had Bubble Waffles. These waffles are traditionally from Hong Kong but are being served with a Belgian touch. Waffles with deliciouse ice cream, fresh fruit or whipped cream… You can choose your own toppings.

Mercado food hall




Nemo's fish Mercado



Mercado Antwerp



It was a great experience. You can discover Mercado yourself during the opening weekend (18- 20 August).  They are open every day from 11 a.m. (except for Tuesday).



Discover more on their website:

Or on all social media:

Instagram: @Mercado.antwerp

Facebook: @Mercado.antwerp

Address: Groenplaats 43, Antwerp.


Have a great evening and thanks for reading,



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  1. geert voets
    augustus 19, 2017 / 2:31 am

    Looks very nice, special environment, up to super-mercado!

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