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[dropcap]I’m[/dropcap] a tea lover. It’s my passion and I want to share the total experience of tea with as many people as possible. On a dark morning it’s one of the only things that can ease the pain of getting out of bed. And you know what? Tea is one of the few pleasurable things in life that is actually good for you! Tea or coffee? Consider the health benefits of tea and the next time you have to choose, you may skip your daily cup of coffee. I’m not going to share a list of health benefits today – I’ll not bore you with this. Today I want to tell you more about a brand I discovered a while ago which is Blend Tea. Want to know everything about it? Keep on reading.

Their story

Paul Steveninck and Anuschka Revijn are real tea lovers themselves and as passionate lovers and their extensive knowledge of tea, they decided to share this passion and knowledge. They offer a wide variety of high quality teas and I was allowed to try some of them. Paul made me a nice cup of tea and in the meantime he did tell me all about his passion and the brand.

Everything starts with a first experience. Every pyramid-shaped tea bag is packed individually in an air and light-proof bag to assure there is no loss of taste and smell. In this way you can store it up to 3 years. The tea bags are 100% biodegradable which is something I do pay attention to.


BlendTea Belgium

Tea blends BlendTea

Indian Chai

I was allowed to try three different blends: Sencha Current, Pur Erh and Indian Chai. I’m a huge Chai fan, as you might already know this. Fun fact: chai means tea. 🙂 This delicious spicy drink is originally from India. Blend Tea’s mix contains black tea, clove, pieces of ginger, coriander seeds and cinnamon. I love to drink this Indian Chai with some warm milk and I add some extra cinnamon. This is the perfect way to end my day. If you haven’t tried Chai, you should definitely taste this one. It’s my favourite one!

Sencha Current

This one is a mix of Japanes Sencha green tea, Formosa semi-fermented oolong tea and red berries, combined with the natural sweetness of vanilla. Experience it yourself and discover the great benefits.  This tea can calm, soothe and makes me feel relaxed. In today’s often hectic world it’s really important to take care of yourself and to take some me-time once in a while. The perfect excuse to make a nice cup of tea and sit down for a minute with a good book or a nice magazine! The scent of Sencha Current is really pleasant!

Pur Erh

Pu-erh Tea has long been valued in Chinese herbalism for its vast benefits. It aids digestion and fat break down, and contains a high level of Vitamin C.  This tea contains coconut and orange blossom. It has such a great scent (you can really smell the coconut). This is one my latest discoveries and I must say that I really like it. The taste is subtle which I like and the scent is really pleasant.

Blend Tea

I’m going to make some tea right now. Do you need more information? Visit Blend Tea’s website and discover the wonderful world of tea! 



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  1. Jill
    oktober 20, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    Ik ben ook een thee lover! Dit merk kende ik nog niet. Die met kokos lijkt me lekker! Ik doe ook af en toe melk bij m’n thee, maar iedereen lijkt dit nogal raar te vinden. Nu lees ik dat jij dit ook doet, hihi 🙂 xxx

    • Elien
      oktober 20, 2017 / 7:59 pm

      Ja das zo lekker om melk toe te voegen!! Xxx

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