Wonky Food I healthy lifestyle

Wonky Food I healthy lifestyle



 like to support great brands. Brands that contribute to our society and mean something. Wonky Food is one of these brands. Food waste is one of the big problems we have to face. 1/3 of all food is wasted worldwide. 45% of all fruits and vegetables is thrown away. The reason why? Fruits and vegetables can easily be damaged by climate fluctuations and during transport.  There are also malformed vegetables and fruits which can’t be sold in supermarkets and there are a lot of parts of fruits and vegetables that we don’t use but they taste really good – such as broccoli stalks. Wonky Food has already saved about 2050 kg of vegetables and today I’m telling you all about how you can become a #wonkyhero!

Wonky dips

Every Wonky dip is full of vegetables. Wonky works with Belgian companies in the food processing industry, they use their surpluses of fresh vegetables to make the most delicious dips. It doesn’t mean that the vegetables aren’t fresh, they are just being wasted because of aesthetic reasons, efficiency or excessive amounts.

At the moment they offer 2 different dips: paprika and yellow carrot. They both taste really good. Become a #wonkyhero yourself and go buy some of the delicious dips. You can use them as a spread on bread, toasts or use them as a dip whenever friends come over! The dips are available @ different shops, you can find them all over here.






Wonky food


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