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3 weeks ago I put up my Christmas tree, I love to decorate the house!  It’s really the most wonderful time of the year and there are only 12 days until Christmas! I must say I’m really looking forward to all these cozy dinner parties with family and friends. However, I do want to look good during those dinner parties and I’m already looking for new make-up trends and amazing Christmas outfits. If I should choose one make-up brand I love the most, I would probably say Nee Make Up. I bought some new items which I’m showing you in today’s post.

Nee Make Up

For those who don’t know Nee Make Up, I’ll quickly explain what this brand is all about.  Nee Make Up is originally from Italy (Milano) and you can buy the products online and different professionals are selling the products. All products have great benefits for skin. Say what? Make-up that’s exactly good for your skin? Yes, it exists! The products contain vitamins (A, C and E) and antioxidants. Our skin has different needs during Winter so I personally believe that this brand is all you need.

Also important to know: the products are free of paraben, oil & perfume.

I first discovered Nee Make Up during a make-up workshop @ Room For Style, you can buy all the products over there. I made a selection and bought the nude glow serum, a face brush and metallic eye shadow .


nee Make Up


Nude Glow Serum & face brush

I love a glow on my cheeks, I discovered this Nude Glow Serum during the make-up workshop and I fell in love with it! I apply it with the face brush. The result? A beautiful natural shine. Want to see the results? I’ll  share a photo on my Instagram, stay tuned!  The Nude Glow Serum can be used for an illuminating result and to ‘highlight’ certain places such as your cheeks or your lips. It has numerous benefits for your skin because it contains vitamin E.

Price serum : €34,50  – Price brush: €45,50

Nude Glow Serum Shop over here – face brush shop over here

Metallic eye shadow

Oh boy, this colour is amazing! Perfect for Christmas – I love a little sparkle to add that glamorous touch to my make-up look. Glitter and metallic makes everything better! You can use this eye shadow powder wet (for a more intense metal finish) or dry, for a more natural result. It has an impeccable result from morning to evening and is perfect for that sexy and sophisticated look.

Price: €24   – Shop over here

I have to confess: I did forget to make photos when I was at the make-up workshop, so I made this selfie afterwards. And I went to a party, this photo was after the party so you can imagine that the result was even way prettier during the workshop…  🙂 But I will try the complete look for Christmas parties! Curious? Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram to see the results!


Nee make Up


Note: this post is NOT sponsored. This is one of my favourite make-up brands and I really like to share it with you.

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