A treatment endermology at Esthetiek Femke

A treatment endermology at Esthetiek Femke

It has been an incredibly busy week. Appointments, preparing new projects and giving presentations to new clients. I do love doing it, it can just be a little busy sometimes! The most important part of a busy week, however, is listening to your body and making room for some ‘me-time’. Although I forget it most of the time, ssshhhh, I may not be the best example :-). At times like these I just need to shut the door and get spoiled in an institute, where the experts know exactly what they’re doing. A while ago I came across Esthetiek Femke in Overijse, where I received an endermology treatment. I’d love to tell you all about it!

Femke and her institute

Esthetiek Femke is located in the beautiful Overijse, which is only a 15 to 20 minute drive from Leuven, not far at all! It’s such a nice place, Femke and her staff will receive you with open arms and the institute is beautifully decorated. Besides, the entire team is up to date with all the latest beauty trends. They’re constantly educating themselves so they can do their best to pamper you and the results speak for themselves! This expertise was visible during my treatment by the lovely Laura. I felt so welcome!

Endermology: what is it?

My mom has had an endermology treatment a while ago, so I knew of its existence. But my knowledge of the subject was limited, all I really knew was that you got to wear a white suit that frames your silhouette. But that wasn’t its only function!

At Esthetiek Femke they start with an interview, questions about your health and the areas you’d like to focus on. These questions are important because they need to consider the health of the client in certain situations (for example if you’re on blood thinners or suffering from varicose veins). They ask you which zones you care to focus on, in my case it’s my belly and thighs. Finally they take a ‘before photo’ so you can see the exact result.

After the interview it’s time to get a suit on you. In the beautifully decorated bathroom I pulled that white suit over my underwear. In some cases it’ll be without underwear depending on which zones you want to focus on, but you can’t tell the difference :-). And I felt so comfortable there, with this amazing team of ladies!


How does it work?

Lipomassage by endermology means fighting cellulite and sagging skin. Did you know endermology literally means ‘through the skin’? It doesn’t just treat the skin, but the second layer of skin and the tissue beneath that as well. The massage stimulates the metabolism and improves the blood circulation.

The device consists of a two mechanical rollers. These rollers are attached to a hose, sucking in air. The device lifts, rolls and massage the skin and second layer of skin to remove blockages causes by heaps of fat. The device also stimulates the blood- and lymph circulation causing an increase in the oxygen supply and drainage of waste. The fibroblasts get stimulated and they create more collagen, which plays a huge role in your skin being health and smooth.

The benefits of endermology

Endermology has several benefits.The list is long, it can help with:

  • fat blockages
  • correcting the figure
  • lining the silhouette
  • cellulite
  • decreased elasticity (for example after a pregnancy)
  • before of after liposuction
  • skin firming

Endermologie is suitable for everyone wanting a tighter and healthier skin. It’s simply a lovely treatment as well, I felt totally relaxed after the treatment!

My opinion?

I knew endormology existed but my knowledge was limited, so I didn’t know what to expect beforehand. It turned out to be a wonderful experience, it could have even gone on for longer if you ask me! Laura also told me that a lot of people feel sad it’s over after half an hour, and I agree with them. The rollers feel extremely comfortable and combine this with all the benefits and you got a real win win situation! I’m a fan and definitely going back!


How many sessions?

You’ll better have several sessions if you want to see results. It’s also advised to lead a healthy lifestyle and work out to improve the results. After the treatments it’s recommended to go for a work out.


For a session including interview you’ll pay €60. If you ask me it’s definitely worth the money, I was fully zen after the treatment and I could feel the results. Although you’ll need several sessions afterwards if you really want to see a difference in your silhouette.

Possible side effects?

After the initial treatment you may experience a light headache, as the waste is being drained. This is why they’ll offer you a large glass of water, to avoid these headaches. That’s about it though, the treatment is without any further serious side effects or complications!


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