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It has been a while since I posted a new travel story here on the blog. I’ll be completely honest with you but I had no time to write new articles. 2018 was a busy year for me, as a freelancer work never stops but I can’t complain, I love my job! 🙂 Now I’ve finally found some time to write this travel guide for you about my holiday in Malaga. If you’re spending some time in the city, this guide will help you to make the most out of your visit.

7 days in Malaga – October 2018

After a busy year filled with a lot of fun projects it was time for a holiday. I felt I needed it, I was so tired and my body was running on empty fuel. We decided to go to Malaga in October to visit my sister who was going to study over there, but very last minute she decided not to go. However we decided not to cancel our holiday and go anyway. Happy me! 🙂

We stayed in an apartment located nearby Playa de La Malagueta and the port so we had an amazing view. (we could enjoy both views, isn’t that great? ;-)) We could see all the boats arrive at the port and at night the view was absolutely amazing with all those beautiful lights. We could also see the big wheel from our apartment with all the beautiful colors.

The port area – Muelle Uno & Muelle Dos

Muelle Uno & Muelle Dos is the port area in Málaga. It is an open space with various shops and restaurants. In addition to restaurants and boutiques, you will also find Center Pompidou, the new museum in Málaga. It is a trendy, modern place

The port is one of the most beautiful jewels of the city. It has played a very important role in history as a trading port and nowadays it’s being used for cruise ship traffic. It’s just a few minutes walk from the city centre and there’s an animated area with restaurants, cafés and shops. They organize different activities and concerts over here during Summer.

Port Malaga


And now the most important part: the food. I love good food, but who doesn’t? During those 7 days I discovered some amazing hotspots which you should definitely check out if you visit malaga.

Breakfast / brunch

Malaga has some amazing breakfast spots, although we didn’t find the time to visit them (the city centre is just a 5 minutes walk but if you’re starving in the morning and become grumpy (like me) it’s just too far. 🙂 We decided to have breakfast in one of the bars at the beach which wasn’t bad but nothing special as well.

The best breakfast spots in Malaga:

Lunch/ diner

  • Batik: this is my favorite place. They have two roof tops where they serve refined tapas and the best cocktails. Loved the view!
  • AC hotel by Marriott: if you like breathtaking views, you should visit this hotel. The food is refined and the view is just amazing. Would recommend this place for couples, talking about a romantic dinner… 🙂
  • The local beach bars, we had an amazing goat cheese salad at one of those bars. (I don’t remember the name) 😉
  • Marisquería Godoy: this restaurant is located at the port, known for its fish. So good!
  • Baños del Carmen: this restaurant is located near the old fishermen’s area of El Pedregalejo and right by the sea. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a spa and bathing resort for the wealthy.
  • Restaurant José Carlos García: also located at the port, and no time to visit it, but this one is known for refined food.
  • La Fábrica: the new hotspot in town. Oh boy there’s such a great ambience and the food is amazing! They organize a lot of concerts over here.

Banos Del Carmen
Banos Del Carmen

Pedregalejo fishing village

We discovered two different sides of Malaga: the city centre and Pedragalejo, the old fishing village. It’s an absolute must-see for seafood lovers, trust me! No high- rise buildings over here but small and colorful old fisher’s houses instead. They grill fish and meat over old fishing boats at the beach. Such a pleasant ambience over here, all those people enjoying their lunch or dinner. You can find typical Spanish restaurants over there but also trendy bars!

fisher village malaga

Why should you visit Malaga?

Malaga has it all, it has the perfect combination of history, cultural, shopping, good food, beach and sun. I’m not really into arts, so you’ll not find me at the musea, I love to discover local architecture, shops, bars and restaurants. If you like sunny days, the beach, good food and a great ambiance, this sure is the place to be!

Would I like to go back? Absolutely! Maybe one day with my boyfriend…


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