Buying or renting: which is more interesting? You can discover the best option through the AXA Bank calculator

Renting an apartment or house first or buying one straight away, hmmm not an easy choice. I’ve been snooping around for the past few months, I’d prefer to buy something straight away. But there’s a lot more to consider, both have their pros and cons. At the start of 2019 I discovered the AXA Calculator, a simulator build by AXA Bank that allows you to check which option is most interesting for you. An easy tool, especially for a young entrepreneur, like me, and other young couples that want to take the next step to their own home. As I was curious, I decided to do the test as well.

Buying or renting?

The AXA Calculator is based on your (financial) data and tells you which option is more interesting in your current situation, buying or renting. In this simulation you’re asked several questions such as if you’re buying or renting alone or with a partner, what your current rent is, what your maximum budget is. It’s just important to know what you’ll be left with at the end of the month. Something I struggled to cope with at the start, as I had little to no time to keep track of all of this information. Knowing your costs and how much you earn, it’s simply important!

Huren of kopen Axa Calculator

AXA Bank compares the rent with the intrest you’ll save by having to loan less. This way they can tell you what the best option is at this period in time for you.
Curious? Take the test right here:

My result

My results told me that renting would offer me no financial advantages. So I’d rather buy something straight away rather than renting. Why? Because I’m looking for a home where I’ll have enough space to build my own office and a space to give workshops. So it seems more interesting to me to buy something rather than renting a place. So I’ll be looking to buy something in the immediate future!

Though both situations have pros and cons. I work from home and my boyfriend doesn’t, so the location is important. So renting could be easier as we won’t have a lot of costs should we need to change our location. We’ll see what the future brings! 🙂

Have you done the simulation? Or are you still unsure of what the best option is? Feel free to visit the AXA Office closest to you, they’ll give you a organized view of the options. That way you’ll have an easier time deciding! 🙂

*This is a sponsored article, I work with products and companies that I fully support. Because this can be a difficult decision for everyone, including me, I’d love to share my struggles and conclusions with you.


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