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Dermopure Eucerin

Did you know 80% of young people and 40% of adults suffer from acne? Yeah, myself included. I used to believe this would improve when getting older. But here I am, 22 years old and still suffering from it. This is not the only problem: I’ve got a very sensitive and extremely oily and red skin, very annoying. Eucerin has recently developed a new range of products for acne-prone skin called Dermopure. I decided to give these products a try! Curious?

First of all I want to say something about products for acne-prone skin.  There are many products that promise to solve your skin problems such acne, like the well-known brand Clearasil. As a teenager I tried a lot of these products and no, my experience with it isn’t great at all. Product such as Clearasil are aggressive and they might harm skin. Dermopure is different from all these products: it’s a new generation of products for sensitive skin, the products are mild.

The range

The Dermopure- ritual consists of 2 important steps. Step 1 is cleansing, to prepare your skin for further skin care. This range contains a cleansing gel, micellar water and a scrub. I have used the cleansing gel to cleans my face. It contains Salicylic acid and gently cleanses the skin. Step 2 includes skin care, tailored to the severity of the acne. This range consists of a Mattering Fluid, the K10 Renovating Skin Care and the Complementary Softening Cream. I received the Fluid and Renovating skincare to review.

The Mattering Fluid prevents the skin from shimmering for eight hours and is specially developed for oily skin. Ideal! The Renovating Skin Care tackles pimples and black spots.

My opinion

I have difficult skin. I have used the products in the past few days and I really see a difference (while I have really tried a lot). My red spots also seem much smaller and my skin feels really soft after use! This range is a real winner, I will definitely continue to use the products.

Do you suffer from acne yourself? Then visit the website. On this website you will learn everything about acne and how you can improve the condition of your skin. There are different degrees of severity and every form of acne can best be treated in a different way.


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