My reading tips for female entrepreneurs (Dutch)

I’m an absolute book lover. My grandparents got me into it, they absolutely devour books and they have a huge bookcase full of interesting topics. The past few years I’ve been into books written about entrepreneurial women  and online marketing. It’s amazing that more and more women inspire one another with their stories. #Girlpower is right at home here! 😉 And because I regularly get questions regarding my favorite reading material, you can read all of my tips on this blog!

Sophia Amoruso Girlboss

#Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso

Let me start with my favorite, #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. I received this book from the lovely Isabelle from SELF and I recommend it to everyone. Whether you’re working in a business of are looking to start your own, this book is for every #girlboss! Sophie didn’t know quite what she wanted to do or what she was good at in her teenage years. She did one crappy job after another, because a girlboss has to get her paycheck. 🙂

Many jobs later, she still didn’t know what to do, until she sold her first piece of clothing online. Now Sophia is CEO of Nasty Gal, a clothing company with a revenue of 100 million dollars and over 350 employees.

The story is so relatable. I want to be an entrepreneur myself and I knew early on I didn’t want to work for a boss. But taking this road has its many ups and downs. You make mistakes and you get closer to your goal inch by inch. Sophia taught ys that anyone can achieve anything, as long as you believe. Believe in yourself and don’t take anything from anyone!

Bossy magazine voor ondernemende vrouwen

Bossy magazine

Not a book, but this magazine has earned its spot in my top. Dorien Camps is the lady behind this magazine. A magazine for entrepreneurial women, that what Belgium was missing. And voila, Dorien brought out the first Belgian magazine for entrepreneurial women. And I’ll start of by admitting: I’ve never been so concentrated while reading a magazine. The standard magazines are filled with rubbish, but this one offers so many insights. Good job! –

Babe, you got this –
Emilie Sobels, Martje Haverkamp

From a girl with a dream to a woman of success.  This is the slogan on the cover, one sentence that so many women can relate to. We all dream of success when we’re young, and we can chase our dreams, but how do we do that? You learn by doing and making mistakes, it’s okay, it’s human. In Babe, You Got This, you’ll learn all about the stories of success and the things that can go wrong in 23 ambitious questions. Interesting stuff and it encourages you to go for it!

Capture your style Aimee Song

Capture your Style – Aimee Song

With more than 5 million instagram followers it’s safe to say Aimee Song is a real instagram expert. Instagram is the future and it shows by all the full time bloggers and influencers. So yeah, there’s a lot of money to make. 🙂 Aimee Song’s book tells you how to make the perfect Instagram picture and how to get consistency into your feed (all of your pictures together). As Instagram is a visual channel and ideal to show your beautiful pictures.

De Starbucks Strategie Joseph michelli

De Starbucks Strategie- Joseph Michelli

I admire the huge businesses that stand out in customer satisfaction. Starbucks is the perfect example of it, people go back for the experience. In The Starbucks Strategy, Joseph Michelli tells you all about the strategy Starbucks uses. Maybe not written for the entrepreneurial women but I’d recommend it anyway!

How cool brands stay hot joeri van den bergh

How Cool Brands Stay Hot – Joeri Van Den Bergh

This is one of the first branding books I bought. The cover spoke to me and got my attention. The book is about generation Y, or millenials, anybody born between 1982 and 2001. It’s a critical generation, so how does a brand stay ‘hot’? Joeri Van Den Bergh answers that question for you!

Online marketing boeken

Besides entrepreneurial books I also read a lot of online marketing books. Everything changes so quickly and I want to stay up to date. So I love reading books with genuine advice and that test everything they claim. No marketing guru can tell you how to make millions or how to be happy right NOW. But these books can teach you something :-).

my favorites:

  • Manual for graphic design and new Media by David Dabner, Sandra Stewart and Abbie Vickress.
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Google Marketing by Mark Jansen. A thing but interesting book.
  • Like My Like by Hannes Coudenys.

On my wishlist

Books I want to read? Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K, and these as well:

Have any other recommendations? Books we HAVE to read? Let me know and share them below!


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